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Volleyball Figurative Language

No description

Taylor McClure

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Volleyball Figurative Language

Volleyball Figurative Language
By: Taylor McClure

"Serve it, set it, spike it".

It is alliteration because it has a repition of the s sound.

"My team mates are my sisters".

It means I'm close to them and care for them.
"Volleyball is like heaven".

I'm comparing volleyball to heaven.
"The volleyball flew through the air".

This is personification because it can't really fly.

"Smack the ball hit the ground hard".

It is onomatopoeia because the ball hit the
ground hard and I used smack which imitates a
"I served the ball so hard their gonna die".

It is a hyperbole because they literally are not going to die.
"Our team blew them out".

It is an idiom because we didn't literally didn't blow them out we just beat them by lots of points.
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