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Keeping your world clean!!

No description

jalinda huff

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Keeping your world clean!!

Keeping your world clean!!
Cleaning the world can change the world. Picking up trash can make it a healthy environment. No one wants to live in a dirty environment. picking up trash will attract people and its more presentable than being just a dry place.
how can it help ?
cleaning the world can help and be important in different ways. It can help the world be a better place to live in. Also picking up trash can keep pollution down. if animals eat trash it may cause them to get ill. if trash gets into the water it may clog drains. there are other reasons picking up trash may help the world or environment.
How can you make this happen ?
people usually start with a small group or by the self. You can talk to people about being interested in it, or people may see you and join in. Sooner or later you will start to form a group. with 2 hands from every person itll go much easier. More people will stat give in and do it and soon the world wont be so dirty.
The way it can happen
Clean environment
With the help of people and knowing how important it is you'll have a clean environment. When you have a clean environment pollution will drop. your world will be more clean, ect. That's why its a good idea to help the world and clan it up, i takes one person.
By: Jalinda H.
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