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My life in pink and green

book project

madison g

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of My life in pink and green

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Lisa Greenwald My life in and Character Overview " 'ok come with me I rolled my eyes as I walked in front of her' " page 173 : helpful Settings I the book My life in pink and green the main setting is at the pharmacy , and is located in Connecticut .The mood is mostly depressing and at the end it is very happy.The mood is depressing because it is close to foreclosure.In the end it is very happy,because a girl name Lucy, her family owns the pharmacy, gets a lot of money doing peoples make up. plot Theme The theme of my life in pink and green is baced on determination. A girl named Lucy is determined to prove to her mother and grandmother that she can save her pharmacy.She dose that by getting the green grant .To prove that she has determination there is a line in the book and here it is"'This is exactly the kind of drive and determination I would have...'"page192. Vocabulary green pink Three Images Madison Greenwood 1st period Exposition Lucy is at her grandma's pharmacy sorting
out mail. Rising Action Lucy joins a go green club at school
with her friend Sunny. When Lucy was sorting out the mail she found a letter that said they were close to foreclosure. While looking on the computer at the go green club after school , Lucy finds a go green grant that can help the pharmacy.she decides with the help of her sister in collage to apply for the grant. She has make up and hair appointments lined up. Climax She wins the grant, and she is able to help her pharmacy by expanding to add a spa. Falling Action Lucy works on expanding the pharmacy Resolution Lucy proved to her mom and grandma that she can be helpful more than they thought by helping the pharmacy overcome foreclosure. "'I'm gonna be just like Laura mercer one day'"
page: 178 determined "' Can i help you guys'" page: 89 helpful "'I have to products that will help .One to fix the friz, and the other to fix the green color issue.'" page:31 smart " I 've done alot already to make improvements at the store..."page :179 helpful Obnoxious Masquerade Eavesdrop foreclosure /klo-zher/ n the act of taking legal measures to end a mortgage property .(synonym to shut out) page 8 " you are in danger of foreclosure" /evz-drap/ vb to listen secretly to private convocations. (synonym overhear) page 10 "I close the door and waited outside the office so that i can eavesdrop." exfoliate /eks-fo-le-at/ vb come off in very thin pieces(synonym remove)page176 "' wear this it is very genital acne treatment ,exfoliate,and concealer all in one'" /ab-nak-she-eb/ adj very disagreeable or offensive (synonym offensive ) page 216 "He's just as obnoxious as he was before." /mas-ke-red/abj a party at which people wear masks(synonym dance) Page 179 " the only big thing coming up is the eight grade masquerade"
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