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End to End Product Flow

by Brian Suyat

Brian Suyat

on 10 April 2010

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Transcript of End to End Product Flow

Process Order Tech
Production Leader
Production Log
Process Orders
Daily Planning Meeting
Raw Material Issues List
Daily Schedule
In-House Planner
One Piece Flow
Material Requirements
Kan-Ban Materials
Floor Stock Materials
Reduce Order changes from 28 to 2
Improve Conformance to plan from 42% to 98.5%
Material Handling
Tray Kitting
Finished Goods Boxing
Create FG Load
Ship Trailer
Reduce Material Transactions from 6049 to 4889 per month
Production Rate of Operation from 1.5 to 1.8 Cases per man-hour
Complete Shipping Documents
Formalize Communication
Simplify Forms
Consolidate SAP Role
Reduce Processing time for Loads from 5 days to 2 days.
Analytical Lab Results
Sterilization Release
Sterilizer Documents
Information on SharePoint
People who need information go get it.
Reduce Sterilizer lead time from 21 to 14 days
Reduce Back-Order from $97,000 to $5,000
Improve Customer Service from 93% to 99%
Reduce Pre-Sterile Inventory from $750M to $300M
Kitting Pre-Sterile
Planning to Inventory

A LEAN Black Belt Project
by Brian Suyat

FG Pallet
Sterilization Form
Bar Code Scan
Build Trust
Deliver Now
Be Accountable
Reach Out
Customer wants the right product on the shelf.
Customer does not want to wait for product.
Planning needs us to make what is needed.
Think Customer
The business needs us to meet Production Conformance
The business wants us to have materials ready to consume.
The business needs us to have product at the DC ready to sell
Get Focused
Win Consistently
13 pallets = Sterilizer Load
26 pallets = Truck Load
Biological Indicator Testing
Sterilization Release
DHR Approvals
Shipping Movements
Pick, pack , load
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