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Gold, God, Glory: Reasons for Exploration

No description

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of Gold, God, Glory: Reasons for Exploration

Gold, God, Glory:
Reasons for Exploration

Reason One
Rumors of gold made explorers believe they could get rich quickly. They believed the pay off would be huge. If an explorer found new land, he was paid in gold and riches by the King and Queen of his country.
Reason Three
Glory was to be found in the adventure and in the land they might claim, making them rich lords and not poor sailors. They longed for "celebrity statues" and to have new places named after themselves.
Make A Theory!
Who explored for what reason?
Reason Two
Some went believing that they must bring their Christian beliefs to the people of the New World. They thought God would reward them for spreading their faith.
Who knows what it means to
He wanted to bring
back riches for the
King and Queen of
He searched for the
passage to the Pacific
Ocean because he wanted to be the first to circumnavigate the world.
Hudson was hired to find the Northwest Passage to Asia.
Amerigo Vespucci:
Mapped and named new land. He wanted to be remembered for his discoveries.
Wanted to spread Catholicism and
save the "savage souls" in the Americas.
Someone who travels through unknown places to make discoveries and investigations
Gold, God, Glory:
A phrase giving the reasons why the early European Explorers went to the New World.
Why would they risk starvation, drowning, disease, and death?
In the 1400's, European Countries were competing for Natural Resources.
Gold, Silk, and Spices were all very valuable and mostly found in Asia
Transportation across land routes was very costly, as everyone wanted a payoff.
soon discovered that it was more cost effective to sail to Asia for the goods, this is when they began looking for a sea route to Asia.
was a big part of Glory.
Creating colonies in the New World added to a country's territory, meaning more natural resources and wealth. These colonies opened new markets.
In short, more colonies = more glory.
Countries taking over a group of people is called
Big Picture Question:
What factor (Gold, God, or Glory) do you believe was the biggest motivation factor for exploration? Why?
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