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on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of MLS SAVVY

The How, Why, and Where of obtaining an MLS!
“Future Librarians:

I invited participants to take a short survey. Respondents are from
Salt Lake City Public Library
, a few from
Park City Library
Utah Valley University
Researching MLS Programs
- Talking to Librarians
- ALA.org, Library Journal
- MLS School Websites
Sample size n=

All respondents are
currently employed
at libraries

question survey

respondents are

in-progress or completed,

incomplete and not currently enrolled

Also, don’t go into the profession if you are an introvert (like in the old days) as coming up with and doing programming and outreach with a big smile on your face are vital to keeping libraries alive.”
--MLIS at University of Maryland, College Park
“I strongly recommend...get experience working in a library (or preferably libraries) before entering an MLS program. A lot of people have misconceptions (positive, negative, and neutral) about what working in a library is like, and there’s no way to really address those illusions without first-hand experience.”
--MLIS graduate from UNT online program.
“As a career, having the degree is absolutely necessary. While some positions within SLCPL do not require it,
if you plan on moving out of state or going to another system (or even academic) you will be glad you have it.
[A librarian] who just left as our Children’s Librarian and moved to Seattle could not even get an interview for any openings at Seattle Public Library.”
-- MLIS at Emporia State
- finances
- support group
conventional options:
holding a job, receiving financial aid, parental support, taking out loans from banks and the federal government.

unconventional option:
choosing a particular school by the offer of a stipend, your current work pays for the tuition.
The love and support offered by the loved ones is no doubt a great boon to someone in graduate school. I was fortunate to find a partner who was willing to support me financially and emotionally through graduate school.
"Graduate students must be interested in their work. Graduate school takes too long, requires too much indirect work, provides only ambiguous status, and offers too few material rewards to sustain the attention of someone who does not find her studies intrinsically satisfying. "
---Seligman, A. "Is Graduate School Really for you?"
best practices
start a program with a thesis topic in mind or pick a specific concentration.
discover your research and writing style.

be present and make things happen!
take advantage of your university
librarians and ILL.
incorporate your class papers into exam paper or the thesis.
always consult with your advisor!
your final project should display your knowledge and professionalism.

master APA!
choose your "RIGHT" time!
the Why and Where?
San Jose State University
Convenient and affordable
Recommended by friends and colleagues
Mix it up!
The Importance of...ENCOURAGEMENT

​Favorite Dad sayings:

"Chance favors the prepared mind."

"Calm seas do not a sailor make."

"If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong."

"Semper Gumby" (always flexible)

“...as many studies of late have pointed out, an MLS is the worst possible Master’s degree to have, with little future and the lowest salary of any post-graduate degree. If libraries are your passion, go for it, and best of luck. We can change this gloomy outlook with innovation and self-respect.”
--MLIS from BYU, school no longer extant
What words of advice do you have for prospective MLS students?
“Learn anything and everything about downloadables, online reference, online everything, and every technological newbie that comes along.”
--MLIS at University of Arizona
Library Career Path Necessitates MLS
- Hired in 2012 at The Salt Lake City Public Library
- Completed B.S. in Anthropology in 2013
- Realizing Professional Growth, Being Mentored, and
- Collaborating within a Library
- Job Satisfaction
Join, join, join!
Practice, persistence, and more practice
time efficiency
stress control
job hunt
MLS Savvy.wordpress.com


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