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6.05 Module Six Project

No description

Rosalind McDaniel

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of 6.05 Module Six Project

6.05 Module Six Project
A large problem is my community is pollution. Many people throw their entire lunch meals such as McDonalds out of the window and many other things. Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change. Pollution can take the form of chemical substances or energy, such as noise, heat or light. Pollutants, the components of pollution, can be either foreign substances/energies or naturally occurring contaminants
There are many different types of pollution: Air, Water, Soil, Noise, Heat, and light. Noise, Heat, Air and waste pollution are the main types of pollution in my community.

Effects of the issue
Effects of the issue
Effects of the issue:
The Rest of The World
The rest of the world has the most simple job. Clean up after yourself and make decisions wisely as well. Why drive 4 different cars in the same direction if all of you can take one car? Why throw your lunch out of the window when their will be a trashcan at your next stop? Many people in my community are lazy and do not care about how the area looks and they also do not keep in mind tha your living environment can say a lot about who you are. Cleaning up, even if it is just twice a week or even twice a month around the community can make a difference.
Solution One
-Recycle reuse.
Getting rid of pollution can not be one persons responsibility, is everyone's responsibility, so everyone must get involved to make a difference even if it is in a different way. Younger children may not have the finances to go purchase eco friendly light bulbs, but they can definitely help to prevent this issue by recycling and do other simple duties. Recycling saves money for the community and as well as for families. Recycling is also a method of keeping the community clean. If everyone is recycling what they use there will be little to no waste
The issue affects households because in my community when they become trashed and very polluted they feel the need to shut the community down instead of gathering the community together to clan up the community. Many areas in my community have been shut down due to unsanitary and polluted environments. Shutting down the community and forcing the residents to move elsewhere also caused smaller local business to shut down as well.
By losing local residents and causing companies to close this affects the government in many ways. The less money businesses make and the more they are forced to be shut down due to little profit the more our country and the government goes in to debt.
Business Firms
Due to the carelessness of people in my community many businesses will have trash at their doorstep and be totally unaware of it. This can cause people to file reports on the company which can lead to many other horrible things such as people losing their jobs and being unable to provide for their family.
Although some markets may lose income due to cutting back on pollution it will still be to the world's advantage Many companies shuch as gas station markets may lose money if people were to start car pooling to cut back on Air pollution.
Solution Two
Vehicles that run on electric battery power should be promoted
Education and understanding.
Many people live on day to day basis and think of nothing except for their daily schedules. I feel that if people were more educated about pollution, the various types, the negative impact it has on the community, the world and the impact of harm i has on our lives, they'd be more careful. Many people are not aware that constant pollution can lead to worse things in the future. I fel communities should host information functions to get everyone involved ad also give them a better understanding of what throwing a soda can on the ground can do.
Positive Externalities
Negative Exernalities
Best Solution
Air pollution can be extremely deadly. According to a range of studies doing a ‘well to wheels’ analysis, an electric car leads to significantly less carbon dioxide pollution from electricity than the CO2 pollution from the oil of a conventional car with an internal combustion engine. With that being said if half of the community switched their cars they cold make a difference. Although the cars may be expensive, while you'll spend more on electricity, the savings on gas will more than cover it.
There aren't many positive externalities of pollution other than the fact that pollution Increases the education of individuals and can lead to broader society benefits in the form of greater economic productivity, a lower unemployment rate, greater household mobility and higher rates of political participation
There are many negative externalities that include:
Pollution from a factory can cause health problems and erode the quality of life and property values in a community.
-A power plant that burns coal to generate electricity emits pollution. The more electricity that is demanded by customers, the more coal that is burned in order to produce it.
-Second-hand cigarette smoke causes health problems in people other than smoker.
-A loud party next door can cause those not involved in the festivities to lose sleep.

I feel that the best solution would be to get the community involved and to recycle and reuse. Although pollution can not be completely cleared from the earth, with the use of my action plans it can certainly be reduced. If pollution is reduced the chances of global warming taken place will also be reduced my community will be cleaner. I feel also that children and adults should be required to clean up around their areas every other weekend. There are also many other benefits of preventing pollution in my community such as Saving money in costs related to materials, pollution, or waste treatment and disposal, Using raw materials, and water more efficiently, improving worker health and safety by improving air quality, decreasing the use of toxic substances, improving community relations, company image and customer loyalty.

The cost of trying to fix pollution can range from various prices. Recycling takes nothing, and carpooling takes gas, but you save much more than you would spend. Other types of pollution such as air pollution and fixing that issue may take a little more time, effort and money to resolve. However, as I stated earlier, with the help of everyone whether it be support of activities such as recycling or finances that are contributed everyone can make a difference.
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