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Map Projections

No description

Christion Mason

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Map Projections

Map Projections
Christion Mason
Mercator Projection

The creator of the Mercator projection was named Gerardus Mercator. It's date of origin is 1569.
The map was created for nautical view. It later became the standard map of use.
The Mercator projection shows us the continents as well as the bodies of water.

Positive Aspects-Being able to see both the continents and the bodies of water

The map includes the equator

Negative Aspects-Distorts the size and shape of large objects

Not good for use of a general World Map
Robinson Projection
The Robinson projection was made in 1963 by Arthur Robinson.
The Robinson projection was created to show the whole world at once.

Positive Aspects-Gives you a view of the whole world

produces a better overall view

Negative Aspects-Distorts all poles

Towards the outer map, straight parallels are stretched
Gall Peters Projection
James Gall invented this projection in 1973.

Positive Aspects-Alternative to the Mercator projection.

Countries display proper proportion

Negative Aspects-Projection had already been made before

Too similar to the Mercator
Goode's Homosoline Interrupted
John Goode invented this map projection in 1923.

Positive Aspects-Made landmasses appear less irregular

Became an Atlas

Negative Aspects-Interrupted oceans on the map

Distorts certain landmasses

Winkel Tripel
Winkel Tripel projection was invented by Oswand Winkel in 1921.

Postive Aspects-Shows whole map

Very similar to Robinson projection

Negative Aspects-Very similar to Robinson projection

False location of certain conitinents

Polar Projection
Polar projection was made by al-Biruni in the 11th century.

Positive Aspects-Distances from center point are true

This projection allows for directional antenna aiming

Negative Aspects-Missing a lot of detail

Not able to see a lot of countries
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