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Walk Two Moons

No description

Sherif Falts

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Walk Two Moons

Walk Two Moons Road Map
Sharon Creech
By: Sherif Falts
"Don't Judge A Man Until You've Walked Two Moons In His Moccasins" Stop 1: A girl named Salamanca Tree Hiddle ( she also goes by Sal) loves the outdoors and everything from mother nature. She has a loving, caring mother called Chanhassen (which has her nickname that she prefers, Sugar) that constantly tries to be as good as her husband. Sal's mother goes to Lewiston, Idaho, but a terrible accident occurs. Still, Sal believes that she will come back deep in her heart. Stop 2: Sal refuses to move to somewhere else other than her home, Bybanks, Kentucky. Though her father insists on going because he sees his wife was everywhere. She was on the fields, barn, house, and rooms. So he needed a place to relax in. Two major characters are introduced after this point which are Mrs. Cadaver and Phoebe Winterbottom. They will leave marks through out this story. Stop 3: All these past events were told by Sal to her grandparents which she calls Gram and Gramps while driving from Ohio to Idaho to bring her mother back. The story of the grandparents are told by them as well. While Gram and Gramps introduce their story, and Sal's merges from it. Sal tells the story of Phoebe and her mother along the way so the book is based on these experiences. Stop 4: Phoebe and her mother are basically described by the words overprotective and defensive about their family members. Phoebe's sister is called Prudence. Her dad is a stiff person that doesn't usually laugh. Phoebe in particular has an imagination the size of space which created different conflicts especially for Mrs. Margret Cadaver. Intro...
This book
had three stories lying beneath the other on a journey to uncover mystery of their beloveds Gram and Gramps Phoebe and Sal Stop 5: Due to Phoebe's imagination a lunatic was created, and they met in several places, but she thinks that he was trying to hunt her down. Sal notices a lot of actions from Phoebe to her mother that Phoebe's family doesn't notice. After that mysterious messages are left on their porch that said "Don't judge a man until you've walked two moons in his moccasins. In fact, more message will be sent to them later on. Phoebe connects these messages to the lunatic and thought that his purpose was to threaten. Stop 6: Gram and Gramps have a little impact after this point in the trip. The grandparents wanted to tell Sal about their marriage bed and how they got married. When Gramps proposed to Gram, she asked him a few questions about how he treated his dog which made Gramps look a little foolish, but it turned ou that Gramps treated his dog, Sadie, really well. They were actually pretty wise questions, but at the end she said, " If you treat a dog that well then you'll treat me better. Yes, I will marry you." Whenever they stop in their trip to rest in a motel or something of the sort, Gramps would always say, Well, this ain't our marriage bed, but it will do." Stop 7: It was blazing hot in South Dakota which was their current position until they reached Idaho. A lake was found while passing by so it would be pretty nice to cool your feet in that lake since the weather pushes you to do so, and that's was their next move. Gram especially enjoyed it, but a prepared surprise was waiting for her. A snake was ready to have a little snack fill that empty stomach of his. Someone called Tom Fleet came for their rescue, and started sucking and spitting the poison out of Gram's leg. Tom Fleet was a very nice and humble guy because he not only sucked the poison, but he also helped them reach the nearest hospital. Stop 8: Gram, still a little stiff from that snake bit, asks Sal to fascinate her and Gramps to kill some time inside her with Phoebe's story. When Sal started, she thought about how incriminating Phoebe and she were to Mrs. Cadaver because they actually believed that she murdered her own husband, but Mr. Birkway, her brother and also their school teacher, clarified everything to them. Finally Sal starts after her deep thinking about Mrs. Cadaver. She begins with the fact that two more messages are left on the porch again, but the disappearance of Mrs. Winterbottom follows. Mrs. Winterbottom leaves notes to each family member which suggests that she wasn't kidnapped, but Phoebe doesn't want to believe that her mother left with her own will so she makes up a theory that the lunatic was behind that. Stop 9: Phoebe wasn't herself after her mother left. She acted selfishly without any respect for nobody. She looked around her house for evidence, and she found unusual hair strands and spots that she marked with tape. She was crazy enough to go to the police department to give them the evidence that her mother was kidnapped, but she insisted that the lunatic was the man to do the job. Sergeant Bickle was who Phoebe was talking to. Sal was with Phoebe all that time, but she didn't encourage her to do so. Sal peaked to see the pictures at the officer's desk, but she was shocked. He had pictures of his wife and son. His son was the lunatic! Sal hurried home to just make sure she wasn't hallucinating. She called Phoebe the minute she arrived home. Phoebe was jumping around like crazy because she felt they've accomplished something. They got Sergeant Bickle's number from the Directory. They managed to get a name, Mike, and an address. Stop 10: The address led them to a university. It was a pleasant scene and everything seemed perfect. The way it should be. It was too good to be true. It was as horrifying as you could imagine. There was a bench where two people were kissing right on the lips. Mrs. Winterbottom was the one kissing, but she looked so different so they recognize her at first. She was kissing the lunatic. When they arrived home Prudence told Phoebe that her mother was coming back. Everyone was happy and started cleaning and preparing for her arrival except for Phoebe, but Prudence forgot to mention that someone he was coming with her. The next day Mrs. Winterbottom came with Mike, but everyone thought that they liked each other, but he seemed awfully young for her. Mrs. Winterbottom gave them the wrong idea because he was her son before she got married to Mr. Winterbottom. At the end of that day everyone was reconciled without anyone lose the other. That was the end of Phoebe's story, but Gram looked awful and need to go to a hospital as soon as possible. They were at Cour d' Alene, Idaho which was 100 miles away from Lewiston. Gramps gave Sal driving lessons when they were in Bybanks, Kentucky so she already knew how to drive. Gramps gave Sal the keys of the car, and she drove the 100 miles to Lewiston to meet her mother on her birthday in her grave. Even though Sugar didn't have her body, but her soul and spirit were living within Sal. Once Sal finished she hurried up to go to check on Gram in the hospital. Gramps had left a note that indicated that Gram died at 3 o'clock. After their long journey to Idaho, Sal went back to live in Bybanks, Kentucky. That ends the story of Sal, Phoebe, Gram, and Gramps.
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