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Ali Prezi

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of Siddhartha

Chapter 7
Is Siddhartha feeling sad/depressed due to the change? Is it because he is forgetting the teachings of his father, the Buddha, and the Samanas? Is that what has been put to sleep?
What does the bird in Siddhartha's dream symbolize?
Is Siddhartha missing the luxurious possessions that he had or did he learn nothing from the Samanas and just adapted to their lifestyle?
"His senses which he had deadened during his ardent Samana years, were again awakened. He had tasted the riches, passion and power, but for a long time remained a Samana in his heart."
"The world and sloth had entered Siddhartha's soul, slowly it filled his soul, made it heavy, made it tired, put it to sleep."
Change doesn't only change your impact on the world but also how the world will impact you.
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