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if u don't like one direction sucks 2 be u

No description

b m

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of if u don't like one direction sucks 2 be u

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr this was going to be tongue-in-cheek but i think i failed if u don't like one direction sucks 2 be u they were formed on the x factor in the UK in 2010 at 16-18 years old
and they were little cherubs okay basically THEY DON'T LOOK LIKE THIS ANYMORE OKAY
#second puberty they could basically sing pretty well on their own but they've gotten a LOT better since then. they came third on x factor and an album and some music videos (more on this later!!!!!!!) he got braces he got like three different haircuts hotter now if that's possible? went through second puberty god help me still really androgynous <3 and toured great britain they got signed and put out a single which you've probably heard there's a whole documentary about 2011 but we don't have time...
in essence girls scream at them a lot and they're ridiculous and also really good friends
and harry takes off his clothes a lot this is a recurring theme (note harry not wearing clothes in both of these photos) then they won a brit award, like a british grammy, this february typical and got really drunk at the after party, as narrated by harry they were like an internet phenomenon at this point so they had a lot of fans in america already and then they did a headline tour of north america this summer it sold out in twelve minutes and since that tour they've been recording their second album :D it was the last chance to see the 'up all night tour' show ever ever, so i went, again, obviously and hanging out with famous people and going platinum with their first album and breaking pre-order sales records for their second and winning every vma they were nominated for
#a day in the life oh and performing at the closing ceremony
of the fucking olympics nbd let's watch some music videos wooooo the end!

or, continue for more facts than you care to have about all the members of one direction: but i'll try to stick to things from the past two months because i just have a really frightening amount of knowledge about this kid let's start with harry because why not and then they went on tour in north america opening for another boy band
but pretty much everyone at those concerts was there for one direction then they toured australia and were shirtless on a boat and did some really risque interviews...that's basically all i remember about that trip UGH I WOULD CLIMB HIM LIKE A TREE
let's be real so would you oh wait actually that's important because he dated a thirty-two-year old when he was seventeen oh god it's so hard to stick to just stuff from this month because he looked really good when he was seventeen it was wonderful
here he is, walk-of-shaming it up from her house here he is, denying he kissed her he's been spending most of his time walking around to/from parties holding fruit okay! recently! looking really naked without actually being naked getting tattooed by/with famous people (he has some incredibly dumb tattoos but i'm not gonna show you those aha look them up yourself) and hanging out with a crowd of london hipsters especially nick grimshaw, a radio one dj and he bought a car i just don't UNDERSTAND his twitter account is a goldmine of dumbassery and great taste in music but go look through it yourself lol he has a gross like super deep voice and he's kind of a little shit sometimes and i love it girls like harry boys like climbing all over harry and who can blame them in conclusion we are not alone i swear to god i tried to make this shorter but i couldn't has a really great face louis tomlinson he has a great relationship with his mom :') and he rescued his hometown football team and convinced the tea company he's kind of the face of to sponsor them he also has the best judgmental face of all people ever turned nineteen a week ago niall horan sigh look his eyes are like the world he looked like this last year so thanks puberty idk what you were doing earlier? only very recently turned into a real boy :')
look at them making fuckin pasta the night of the vmas and he was a huge fan of justin bieber, like justin was his inspiration to audition for x factor,
and now they're bros #human sunshine he's a big fan of obama "carefree" certified cutie patootie liam payne oh god i feel so creepy but they're so cuuuuuuuuute has a really hot girlfriend basically and is SUPER CUTE hairvolution i'm completely out of energy but if this doesn't convince you nothing will i don't even know what to say HIS FACE JUST DOES THIS NATURALLY idk man he walked out of a 1950s film noir set or something also he speaks urdu and has a gr8 accent he's dating perrie from little mix, the group that won x factor in 2011 (but it could all be pr who knoooooooows) he thinks he's philosophical but most of the time it's just humorous
this is almost too good to be real yeah mainly just focus on this sorry (not sorry) this one you know this is them back on x factor and it's kind of what made me like them also! baby direction okay you can't not fall in love with them PRETTY DAMN GOOD FOR A BOY BAND there's another one but, like,

it's basically just them walking around doing nothing, which we've already seen, so we can skip it. AND THIS CAME OUT TODAY I LOVE LIFE YOU'D BETTER BE EXCITED ENOUGH these are candids i swear this might just have been an excuse for a hand closeup a vintage jaguar actually god help me WHY HAVE I RESTRICTED MYSELF TO LAST MONTH okay promo for nick grimshaw's new radio show nice PANTS asshole #thirst here let's just browse through all the times his face has looked really nice whoops okay not to forget the ridiculous contortionist's body also ZAYN'S SHIRT louis tomlinson sits on a table: directed by jj abrams random fave photos of niall #ft. post-coital harry no u don't get it he BOUGHT AN OBAMA SCULPTURE niall x food otp niall on a date with all the fucks he gives.jpg okay now i feel bad for not mentioning louis' girlfriend here her name is eleanor they are also cute danielle look she's so pretty and she's 25 and a professional dancer like holy shit way to go liam liam's twitter adventures model of the universe zayn malik he also has some dumbass tattoos zayn at sixteen but you can't tell because he looks twenty-five (he stayed on the boat in australia because he can't swim i wish i were joking) this one is not liam this is harry styles i hate his everything we're done here zayn 'the camera just turned on i am not a model' malik niall
human embodiment of sunshine LOUIS I LOVE YOU BUT THIS IS NAGL louis tomlinson aka troublemaker #quiff direction (katie wants in his pants) liam payne, sheltered child i guess it was too much to ask for a recent photo where they're ALL looking at the camera WHOOPS CAN YOU TELL I HAVE A FAVOURITE TOKEN OTHER FOUR MEMBERS OF THIS BAND WHOEVER THEY ARE why are you wearing clothes these photos are really hq this is beautiful they just make utter fools of themselves in downtown london and then they went to france use somebody cover from the australian up all night tour
(harry's fucking with paul, their tour manager, through this whole video) this is josh devine their very short and attractive drummer ugh sigh actually like unbearably cute omg whales at liamworld the coast is clear 2010 2011 2011 2012 #quiff direction #HOW nick nick nick buying him a single banana this cupcake ugh no i give up again this interview is golden i can't not #get it boy band bullshit okay poseidon the actual end WHY NOT really one of his hands can hold both a box of fruit and a water bottle really
okay styles ok (his sister's boyfriend) (lmao cannot believe i've had to make this clarification but i mean "hate" in the classic metaphorical sense of "literally do anything you want to my body")
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