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No description

Mr J Daykin

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of THE PIRATE

We are in an exciting lesson about pirates,when suddenly Hameem
has a fantastic idea . They learn't about how sneaky and cruel they
5 minutes later, Hameem whispered,"Let's go looking for pirates and hunting for treasure after school .".
"That's a brilliant idea!" everyone shouted
After an hour, we went out to the forest to collect wood and build a spacious ship.
Out on the open sea, Smoky the seagull landed on their ship! He told Mithusan "Hey dude, there's some glittering treasure on a desert island, a bit further South, but be careful there's some sneaky pirates after it too!"
Mithusan ran to tell the others.
We changed the course of our ship and sailed the rough seas South, until we saw the island covered in exotic palm trees. The blistering hot sun beamed down on us, but there was no time to rest, there was a silhouette of a dark looking ship on the horizon.
As soon as possible, Suvetha looked from her telescope and saw the furious pirates coming. Rapidly Anila and Suvetha fought the pirates, while Dnya sneaks to steal the treasure.
After that, Dnya swiftly loaded the treasure on the boat.Everybody instantly ran back to the boat and set sail so that they could go home.

The pirate adventure!!
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