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Competing on Kaggle_v0

Presentation for July Data Scientist Meetup in Bristol, UK

Yifan Xie

on 3 September 2017

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Transcript of Competing on Kaggle_v0

Thank you
Competing on Kaggle
- learning, fun and overfit if you dare
Something about me...
Background in computer science (BSc, MSc, EngD)
Work as Project Manager in Airbus
Know a bit of coding (VB, Python, R...)
Competing on Kaggle since 2015
Yifan Xie
a platform for data science competitions
Sponsored by some top organisations
500,000+ competitors

Problem Description
Evaluation Metric (Cost Function)
Exchange & Sharing
Compete as Individual or Team
Model building & evaluation
Result Validation & Publication
Awards for Winners
Global Ranking & Achievements
Solution Sharing
Problem Definition
Post Competition
Problem Description
Exchange & Sharing
Model building & Evaluation
Public Leader Board
Global Ranking & Achievements
Learning from the Best
Extended Community
Data Science - We never had it so good!
Have you overfitted!?
A painful Experience
Public Leader Board
Private Leader Board
Final Result (Private Leader Board)
---- Winning data science competitions, Owen Zhang
Learning Points
Robust Validation is EVERYTHING!
Personal Experience
It is very addictive
It is very time-consuming
The Kaggle Community is the BEST community!
It is tons of fun!
Formula one of data science
BEST Learning Experience - EVER
Data Science that pushes predictive modelling to the limit
Kaggle is:
Best learning experience - build, fail and (hopefully!) succeed QUICKLY
Best Community - Sharing & Friendships
No model is correct, some are useful
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