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Intro to me - Camilo

No description

on 30 May 2017

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Transcript of Intro to me - Camilo

Who I Am
I Graduated from East Side Community High School in 2014, located in Manhattan, NY. I'm a Junior majoring in General Business and also looking to double major in Marketing.
Hobbies, Interests, Others.
My name is Camilo Quizeno. I was born in Barranquilla, Colombia on April 2, 1996 and currently live in Bronx, NY. I moved to New York City from Colombia when I was 3 years old.
This is my birth place, Barranquilla.
My entire family is Colombian except for my stepfather and stepbrothers who are Puerto Rican. I live with my mother, stepfather, and younger brother. Even though I came to the U.S at a young age, I am blessed to know about my culture, background, and how to speak Spanish because of my family.
This was on Mother's Day with my mother, grandmother, and stepfather
My younger brother
About Me
I've been playing fútbol, a.k.a soccer, since I was born and continue to play the sport.
Every year I go to Colombia to visit relatives, and enjoy what the country offers.
I'm a railfan. As you can see the theme is based on the subway. I enjoy taking the train and travel around the city.
I love collecting sneakers.
I was in the front cover of a magazine when I was playing fútbol at 5 years old. I played in Flushing, Queens.
In Colombia this past winter.
Thank you
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