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on 14 June 2017

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Transcript of Unit3B

In the News
In the news
What interesting news did you hear over the weekend?
Who was involved?
Idea 3
1. I typically get my news on/ in _________________.
2. I am most interested in _________.
3. I usually watch ____________ _(everyday, on weekdays, on the weekend)
4. When I learn a juicy piece of news I usually tell __________.
5-6. ______ was in the news because _________. I heard this news story on _______. I told ______
/I didn't tell anyone
Make a question starting with
Have you ever........?

A: Have you ever eaten sushi?
get your news
international news
national news
local news
cable news channels
nightly network news
morning news programs
entertainment news
piece of news
in the news
in the media
word of mouth
news source
Nutty news
hero / office / hopping / wet
What are the titles for each news article?
Use 2 words from the box.
_____ ______
______ _____
Review of the Present Perfect

Subject +
Past Participle
+ Complement
1. To talk about actions that started in the past and continue in the present
I have studied English since July 2012
I have studied English for one year.
2. To talk about actions that happened in the past, when the specific time is not important.
Have you ever eaten sushi?
Yes, I have
I have visited Cuzco.
3. To talk about actions completed recently
I have just finished eating my dinner. It was delicious.
B:Yes, I have / No, I haven't
Continue the story...
The following story is a real piece of news.
How would you continue the story? How do you want it to end?
A woman in the United States went to a drive-through window at a fast food restaurant. When she opened the bag that she thought had her hamburger and fries in it, she found $2000 in cash.....
It's the year 2027. You are doing something interesting in your life.
Your partner will take notes and make follow-up questions
What is a viral news story? Can you think of one example? Describe that news.
Dear Camote,

How are you? I haven't seen you in a long time. Well, I
moved to Huacho since May, and
I've just

returned from my latest trip to Europe.


How are you? I haven't seen you in a long time. Well, I

moved to Huacho since May, and
I've just
returned from my latest trip to Europe.
Where do you live? how long have you been there?
What do you do? How long have you had this job
Are you married or dating someone? If yes, How long have you two been together?
Use Grammar and Vocabulary
Write an email to a friend in which you talk about your future life.
Remember that you are in 2027
Use Grammar and Vocabulary
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