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Why be Social

No description

Tamara Belgard

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Why be Social

Why Use LinkedIn
225+ million users.
professional network rather than a social one..
84% of companies using LinkedIn have generated business opportunities.
50% of users are decision-makers in their companies.
Learn about your customers before you ever reach out to them.
You can find 2nd and 3rd degree connections to help get your foot in the door of potential customers.
What Is Twitter?
A real-time social networking tool to communicate with other like-minded people.
A quick and simple way to stay connected and up-to-date.
Facebook is a social networking site that allows you to informally connect with your customers, where you can personally build trust and keep Cascade in the spotlight.
What is Facebook?
Why Use Twitter?
500+ million users - growing every day.
Cascade has over 1,000 Twitter followers:
Media, end-users, dealers and fans.
34% of companies generate high-quality leads.
Interact with customers and make a lasting impression.
An inexpensive marketing tool.
Find new leads and build a solid relationship with them.
Join at least 10 groups and work up to targeting 50 specific groups.
Consider locations, industry, concepts, prospects.
Use LinkedIn like a rolodex to connect with everyone you do business with.
Recommend others and others will start recommending you

1.5 billion active

on Facebook.
101 million daily mobile users.
80% of consumers connect with brands they like on Facebook.
51% of them are more likely to buy from brands they like.
Your customers and prospects are using it, you should be too.
Bridge the gap - providing the human element.
Why Use Facebook?
Social Media Opens Doors.
Spread the Word.
Word-of-mouth marketing is not a new concept, it's been used in advertising for decades.
It has received a technology makeover…called social media.
Today, word-of-mouth consists of shares, likes and retweets.
How to Use Twitter to Increase Your Sales
Sign up for a Twitter account - follow Cascade.
Look at your customer's websites, if they're using Twitter, follow them.
Look for potential customers on Twitter and engage them in conversation.
Use Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to help you be more efficient.
Create lists - Example: current customers, potential customers, dealers…
How To Increase Your Sales Using Facebook
Find Cascade and "Like" us.
Look for your customers and potential customers and either "Like" them or send them a friend request.
Send an invitation for appropriate friends to "Like" Cascade.
Utilize lists and create one for your professional contacts to control content.

Build Relationships and
Generate Sales Through
Social Media

How to Increase
Sales Using LinkedIn
It's Easy
You don't have to be technologically savvy.
Many of you are already using it.
You already have the tools.
It's Quick
It's Necessary
You can't ignore what is quickly becoming the most powerful sales tool in your arsenal.
Leverage your power to build customer loyalty.
The world is clearly going social - let us help you discover how to best take advantage of the potential and reap the rewards.
You don't have to spend all day reading Facebook and Twitter.
15 minutes /2 times a day
Check in while waiting for appointments.
How We're Currently Using Eloqua to Help Drive Sales.
Creating Landing Pages that attract new users and record their online history.
Generating reports and analytics to determine what campaigns are most effective.
News Blog
Our Future With Eloqua
Send targeted emails based on customer's preferences.
Nurture sales.
Closing the loop
Follow-up Emails
Redirecting to other products based on history and/or interest.
Send TMs detailed reports.
Our new email marketing program.
Links with your contacts to create an up-to-date database.
Benefits of Eloqua
Ability to track a customer's online history.
Develop segments of customers based on specific information such as location or TM.
Opportunity to engage with customers - providing information, news and tips.
Positions us as industry experts and thereby builds credibility.
Show current or potential clients how we've helped other companies improve their business.
We're our own personal knowledge bank and another resource to use for sales.
All these channels come together to create a cohesive message and more importantly, brand loyalty.
Greater exposure will create more opportunities for you.
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