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Kayla Cline

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Saturn

Saturn Origin Of Saturn Measurment On Saturn Physical Characteristic Composition Distance Size Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun. The average distance from the sun is 1.425 000 000 km or 9.52553665AU Minimum distance from earth is 1200000000 km.
or 8.021504547 AU’s The diameter of Saturn 119,871 km Comparing Saturns gravity to Earths gravity Saturn 8.96 m/s^2 to Earth 9.78 m/s^2 if you weighed 100 on earth you would weigh 100*.96= 96 On Saturn the temperature is -140c My plant is circular. The colors are yellowish orange with a little pink. Common elements in Saturn are Hydrogen, Helium, and a little methane. Hydrogen- 75% Helium-25% Methane-little %
Enceladus- is the sixth-largest moon of Saturn
Tethys- Tethys' low density indicates that it is almost completely composed of water ice
Epimetheus- Epimetheus was the son of Iapetus and brother of Prometheus and Atlas
Phoebe- is the daughter of Uranus
Mimas- was one of the Titans slain by Hercules.
History Exploration Saturn’s mythological name is Cronus. Cronus was the son of Uranus and Gaea. He lead his brothers and sisters, the Titans, in a revolt against their father and became the king of the gods. He married the Titan Rhea. 4 voyagers wwent up by Saturn all were flybys and all succussful No one can go on Saturn because it is freezing cold and to far away. Saturn has 60 rings
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