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Hamlet Soliloquy: Act 3, Scene 2

No description

Douglas Guynes

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of Hamlet Soliloquy: Act 3, Scene 2

Reading in detail
Hamlet Soliloquy: Act 3, Scene 2
*Quote: "...Could force his soul to his own conceit.. with forms to his conceit? And all for nothing-"

Hamlet questions how easy it is for the actor to put on a fake persona
Actor should have more feelings (be true)
All the actor's work is for nothing
No true reason as to why he puts so much work into something that is made up
Hamlet speaks to an actor
Discussion of the actor's work and how it's done
How easy it is to put on a show
Hamlet is like the actor
He has put on a show
-acts crazy to make Claudius and everyone believe he is in fact insane
-he does this for himself and his father
-vengeful, relentless, but justifiable
Scratching the Surface
Events Transpired
Hidden Meanings
Just Alike?
Personal Thoughts/Intentions
Hamlet wishes to avenge his slain father
Feels his uncle, Claudius, deserves the same cruel fate
*Quote: "Now I am alone. Oh, what a rogue and peasant slave am I!"
Doesn't feel any different than the actor
No one is there to share his "duty" nor guilt
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