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Advice For International Students

No description

Leah Haley

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Advice For International Students

Advice For Taiwanese International Students
When You First Arrive
Look for the UK Taiwanese Association
Add Them On Facebook by looking up UKTSA
Get Involved!
Participate in K-Week events, like Campus Ruckus to learn about clubs and other events!
How To Act When There
Be Cool
Be Confident
Don't Feel Intimidated
Don't Be Afraid to Ask For Help
Be Respectful
Want To Improve Your English
Request an English-speaking roommate.
Take advantage of your ESL teachers
Consider purchasing an electronic dictionary
Talk to people!
Places To Get Involved
Student Center
William T. Young Library
Johnson Center
The Hub
The Study
The Cats Den
Classroom Concerns
Teachers WANT to help you
Teachers are helpful
Understand that it may take more time to understand the material, so patience is key.
Visit the Study for Helpful Study Habits
It's a free and open way to explore America through its people before actually coming!
You can even explore UK!
World's Largest Water Balloon Fight
Cat's Den in the Student Center
Undergraduate Housing Application Website
Visit The Study Above Commons Dining Hall
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