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2350 BC:Urukagina's Code.

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tamika helm

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of 2350 BC:Urukagina's Code.

2350 BC:Urukagina's Code.
What is the importance of this law?
This first written law to refrence to the concept of liberty. Also refrenced to the process of reform. The exact nature is unclear, but the idea that reforms were to return to the original social order.
What does the Urukagina Code do?
What is Urukagina's Code?
Urukagina was a king who ruled in ancient Sumer from 2360-2380 BC. He created some of the earliest systems of laws that we have record of.
It limited the power of religion and large property owners. It controlled hunger, theft, murder and seizure(property). He also abolished adultery.
How does it relate to us?
Our laws & the Urukagina's Code both stated that theft, murder, adultery, and property should be controlled.
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