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1984 & V for Vendetta Literary Comparison

A in depth look at how these two books compare

zack turnpaugh

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of 1984 & V for Vendetta Literary Comparison

Alan Moore
Alan Oswald Moore was born on November 18, 1953. He was born in Northhampton England. He has really earned his name for his comic books, titles such as Watchmen, V for Vendetta, and From Hell. Helped create characters such as the all mighty Superman and Batman. Moore has earned himself his name amoung others for being a great graphic novelist. Relationship?
V for Vendetta can relate to 1984 in more than a couple of ways. One way including that they are both predictions of the future. Also, they are taking place after a war had just broken out. Also both have a charecter who is being rebelious to stand up to the government. Purpose?
V for Vendetta was inspired by multiple aspects. Main thing that drove Moore the most was nuclear war. In his time period of writing that was a big topic and thought of fear to happen at anytime. So he thought of the idea to write a comic on a post-holocaust nuclear war outbreak. 1984 was as well written as a post-holocaust piece. Orwell as well was writing a story of the future. And for his time period the idea of another 'Hitler" seemed quite promising to happen again. Thesis Statement
1984 and V for Vendetta both relate with one theme that comes to my mind, is rebeling. Both characters, V and Winston are going against the law to do what they feel is right so they can gain thier rights as a human being back. Supporting Evidence
A couple things that make these books so easy to compare. One way being that the protagonist falls for the antagonist.
Another thing is that both V and Winston are rebeling against their countries governments.
Lastly, both protagonist are doomed to suffer the same fate Quote vs. Quote V for Vendetta 1984 "The only freedom left to my people is teh freedom to starve. The freedom to die. The freedom to live in a world of chaos." (Moore & Lloyd 39) Thoughtcrime does not entail death: Thoughtcrime IS death. (Orwell 27) Conclusion
Something that we can all learn and take away from this book is to not be scared to stand up for your own right to live with freedom. Rebeling is ok when used for the proper reasons. I feel this book should be read for multiple reasons, it takes a more public violent route to freedom where 1984 takes a secretive passive route. And that kept me interested. Works Cited



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