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How The Earth Was Made

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Li-Lian Ang

on 30 June 2015

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Transcript of How The Earth Was Made

How The Earth Was Made
Scientific Theories
In this part of the presentation, we will be showing certain scientific theories on how the Earth was formed.
The Big Bang theory states that the world came from a cosmic egg that is extremely hot. The cosmic egg burst and the pieces that were torn formed into planets and other heavenly bodies.
According to this theory, the world came from the molten materials from the sun when it collided with the comet.
Solar Disruption Theory
This theory explains that the sun almost collided with another star in space causing some parts of the sun to burst. The torn pieces became the planets in space.
Mythical Theories
Many different cultures have different concepts and ideas as to how the Earth came to be
The Chinese believe that the Earth was created by Pan Ku
Now we shall commence TIME TRAVEL
They believe that the Earth was created by their two deities
In 600 B.C., the Greek philosopher proposed that the Earth which was presumed flat floated on water and had solidified from it.
Thales' Theory
He believed that the Earth came to be from a ball of fire that covered a cold mass which exploded and formed the bodies of space and the cold mass forming the planets.
Anaximander's Theory
The Majority of Everyone Else
They believe in God the simple answer to everything that he created everything and this can be found in many religions.
picture taken from NASA satelites
Pillars of Creation
A stellar nursery which will be the fundamentals of how our solar system would begin
Super nova
The shockwaves of a super nova hits and compresses the Pillars of Creation
Cloud of Gas and Dust
The beginning fragments of the Sun and planets are now here.
The Creation of Our Solar System
The Formation of the Planets
Specks of Dust
In that cloud of gas are many tiny specks of dust which join together through electrostatic forces tp turn into clumps.
Cosmic Storm
The lighting hits the dust, heating it up and then it cools down very rapidly from the sub zero temperatures of space to become rocks.
Fusing Together
These hit each other and fuse together, turning them into asteroids.
then comes into play,
up the process by bringing the
towards it.
In order to become round its own internal gravity molds itself into the most efficeuent shape which would be a sphere.
4.5 billion years ago
Earth's Early Years
Assaulted by Asteroids
Comets and asteroids strike the Earth, allowing it to absorb their energy. With each blow dealt the earth heats up until a molten state
Forming its Crust
Molten iron is heavier than the rock so it sinks allowing the rock to form the crust. The Earth is 1510°C.
Magnetic Shield
The molten iron creates a nagnetic shield to protect us from cosmic radiation.
4 billion years ago
Unstable Gas Giants
Introducing Water to Earth
Water World
All possibility of the little water Earth could have created was taken away by the Sun's radiation
The gas giants at the time were unstable and upset the gravity things.
Ice had been able to form further away from the Sun and as a result of the unsettled gas giants they were knocked off course and were set pummeling to Earth
And as a result life is now able to be sustained on Earth
One does not simply create life without
genetic information
Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have recently found out that RNA, in zero oxygen conditions, actually behave differently than they do now. They are able to create their own genetic information and thus creating bacteria.
Our best hypothesis to the link between humans and the first bacteria was evolution. We belive that all life on earth started from a patch of bacteria that evolved overtime.
Most of the mountains we see now are a formation of tectonic plates rubbing and knocking each other. Creating High and Low landscapes.
No oxygen, No Life
Bacteria was the start of life on earth, but was it space bacteria that came from the commetes? Earth was a barren planet and all there was was water, carbondioxide, rocks and other gasses but no oxygen. But there was nothing capabale of making life at that time, or so we thought.
3.5 billion years ago
The atmospheric conditions at that time were brutal. There was no Oxygen, Methane and Carbon Dioxide was polluting the air. There was almost as much water as there is today.
Life as most of us believed started from the first living things on earth, which weretiny specs of bacteria. Scientists have now proven that to be true. But now the question is how did all that bacteria get there.
RNA is a part of DNA. It was already present 3 Billion years ago. RNA is like the main structure of the DNA but needs information to become DNA. It was possible to make life by using RNA but the Genetic information had to come from somewhere. there was no Genetic information at that time until there was life.
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