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No description

Brady Walls

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of ROB DYRDEK

by: Brady Walls and
Anthony Montecillo
Robert Stanley Dyrdek
Net worth: 15 million
Birth place: Kettering Ohio, June 28, 1974
age: 39
height; 5'7" (1.7 m)
nationality: American
Family:Denise Dyrdek (sister), Patty Dyrdek (mother), Gene Dyrdek (father)
Early years
When rob was younger he was often referred to as the
little guy. He never caught on to sports do to his size. It was around the age of 11 when Rob picked up his first skate board. At the age of 12 He became the youngest member on the popular G and S (gordon smith) skate board team. By the age of 16 he decided to go pro for alien workshop.
Traits of Rob Dyrdek
- outgoing
- persevering
- educated
- ambitious
- self motivated

Types of Business
- service business
Dyrdeks traits are key to his success. By having a humble personality he keeps his viewers and fans happy.
Business ventures
Dyrdek currently owns 5 companies. these
include Alien workshop, Wild Grinders, Fantasy Factory, Rob Dyrdek foundation, and Street league skateboarding.

All of these companies combined bring in a large amount of money, as you would imagine, but even with his wealth Rob Dyrdek stays humble and donates amazing sums of his income to charitys and other foundations everywhere

Wild Grinders
Wild Grinders is a animated TV show that airs on Nick Toons. It was produced and created by Rob Dyrdek. The main characters are Lil Rob, Meaty, Goggles, Emo crys, Jay jay, jack knife, Spit ball, Flips, and stubford. This show is a way for Rob to reach a younger target audience. Wild Grinders has become one of the most watched shows on Nick Toons.
Alien Workshop
alien workshop is a skate boarding company that was founded by Chris carter, mike hill, and Neal blinder in 1990. Alien workshop was purchased by Dyrdek in 2012. The company produces wheels, decks, apparel, and other accessories that appeal to the skate boarding community
Rob Dyrdek foundation
The Rob Dyrdek foundation was founded by Rob in 2003. Its main goal is to create healthy communities by providing skate plazas to promote and make legal spots for skaters
Fantasy factory
Fantasy Factory first aired on February 5, 2009. Fantasy factory is a TV series produced by dickhouse productions that shows the insane life style of Rob and friends at work.
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