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Copy of Romiette and Julio

No description

fatima edwards

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Romiette and Julio

Romiette Cappelle:
Physical Description:
Brown skin, tall, slim, 16 years old, blue eyes, and white teeth.
Likes: Chili, Macadamia nut cookies, environmentally safe products, recycling, buttons, pop-tops, foil, and safety pins.
Dislikes: Picky people, watermelon, chocolate, gangs, violence, movies with too much sex and cussing, and water.
Home and Family Life:
Her dad, Cornell Cappelle, is a television newscaster. He's good looking and poular. Her mom, Lady Brianna Cappelle, was a model when she was younger but now she owns her own boutique. She is 6ft. tall, with very short dark hair, dark skin, great figure, and walks like an african queen. She has no siblings and lives in Cincinnati.
Ben tried to get serious. "Let's get our plan straight now Romi, you and Julio walk through London Woods again tonight-- we have to be able to see you. Me and Destiny will be right behind you at all times in my car."
This is when Ben, Destiny, Julio, and Romi were planning on catching the Devildogs on camera until things went wrong.
"Get your hand off me! Julio! Help!" Her screams were muffled and silenced suddenly as Terrell tossed a dirty sweatshirt over her head. She gasped in confusion and terror as she felt herself being picked up and carried by two sets of arms.
This is when the plan they had went awry and Julio and Romi got kidnapped by the Devildogs.
Personality: Outspoken, always herself, terrified of water.
a. (Ch. 2, Pg. 4) "My name is Romiette Renee Cappelle. I am brown, like the earth, tall and slim like a poplar tree, and outspoken, like the wind on a stormy day. I like mornings because of all the possibilities, and rainbows when I can find them. I am sixteen years old and I'll be driving by the end of the year."
This quote explains what Romi is like and her personality. She is describing herself in first person and her life as of now.
b. Pg. 80 "No, papa. She's black."
"Meeting you and talking to you was the high point of my day. You can make a cold day sizzle and a gray afternoon burn bright red. i know that you know everybody at that school and that you're really popular. It was nice of you to spend time with a new kid.
This quote shows how some people can be racist towards some people that aren't even bad. It shows how she is the high point of Julio's day, makes a cold day sizzle, and a gray afternoon burn bright red and how she's sweet for hanging out with a new kid even though she's popular. It shows that she is black but still a great girl. Julio Montague Start Romiette and Julio Movie Project
By: Fatima Edwards, Angel Kastner, Jessica Garner, and Kirsten Presnell. Character Traits:
(A.) Quotes From Cornell:
* "Now I'm really worried. We did a story on Internet criminals. If he's so sweet and innnocent, where is she?"(Pg. 211)- Jumps to conclusions
* "He couldn't believe he was about to call the police about his precious daugher, his Romiette, his princess." (Pg. 213) - Values family, and is protective
(B.) Comments From Others:
* Romi: "He's good-looking and popular, and his picture is on billboards all around the city." (Pg. 6) - Popular
* Maria: "He was Cornell Cappell, the good-looking newsman from channel six." (Pg. 224)- Noticeable, Good looking
(C.) Cornell's Actions:
* Complaines about Nannette -Takes job seriously
* Apoligizes and befriends Luis - Understanding, Nice
* Gives Julio a internship at the station -Helpful, caring, giving
Luis is hispanic
Luis has a wife named Marie and he has a son named Julio. when he was Julio`s age he and his girlfriend were walking and having a good time and some male african americans were drunk and pushed his girlfriend off the road, and every since he`s been afraid of them.
Luis and Cornell cappell were looking for their children. Luis and Cornell finally speak to each other.
(sighing, sad)"I too should apologize. I was wrong to forbid you to see her. Her parents and your mother and i spent many hours together. I have learned much." (pg.304)
(pleased, happy)"I will do my best to obey you, papa. I still have much to learn too."(pg.304) C. Pg. 215 "No, wait, that's stupid. That was just a game. This is real. It all started when Romiette and Julio started talking on the internet. Most of the time the kids we talk to in the chat rooms live in other cities, other states, but it turned out that Romi and Julio lived right here in Cincinnati, and even went to the same school. Freaky."
This shows something that she went through and things that she has done that have actually turned out good because she met Julio in the end.
Romi and Julio: They have a great relationship. At first it was just a friendship but now it's an actual boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. They feel amazing when they're together.
Romi and Destiny: They're best friends. Almost closer than sisters. They tell each other everything- no secrets.
Romi and her mom: Very close. They talk to each other a lot and Romi tells her mom almost everything. Romi looks up to Lady Brianna and wishes she was just like her.
Romi and her dad: Close but not as close as Romi and Lady.
Romi and Ben: Friends but they have never really talked to eachother until Julio and Romi started talking to each other.
Romi and Malaka: Use to be very close friends but now they are just friends but now they are just someone she use to know and they are not close or even friends anymore. Cornell Cappell Physical Description Tall
16 Years Old
Dreamy Eyes Home/Family Life Strict Parents
Good-loving parents who care about him.
Dad and Julio are more alike in personality, don't always agree.
Mom and Julio get along better and understand each other.
From Corpus Christi, Texas. Character Traits Funny.
Easy to talk to.
Sign is Water. Character Interests Hot Sauce.
Romiette. Likes Dislikes Gangs.
Leaving Texas. Relationships with other Characters Romiette- He loves her,like to be around each other, easy to talk to.
Ben- Best Friends, they get each other, accepting.
Luis(dad)- Don't always agree, love each other, personalities are very much alike, have different views of life.
Maria(mom)-They understand each other, they get along, they have a good relationship. Quotes directly from Character "Maybe I will be there for you in your dreams."(pg.121) Demonstrates that Julio wants to be there for Romiette. "I'd give my life for you. I told you that. I meant it." (pg.141) Demonstrates that Julio loves Romiette and would do anything to keep her safe. Quotes from other Characters "He's funny and friendly and easy to talk to."(pg.79) Demonstrates that Julio is a fun and nice person to be around. Actions of Character "You are a hero. You saved her. Just as she saved you."(pg.302) Demonstrates that Julio saved Romiette because he loves her and he is a good person. Important events with character. Juilo and the family in the bathroom, they threaten him. Julio and Romiette when they first meet at lunch. Julio punching Ben in the nose and then they become best friends. Julio and Romi get kidnapped by The Family. Julio saves Romi from drowning. Julio kisses Romiette under the tree. Luis Montague Likes:
*Newscasting Dislikes:
*Newscasting with Nannette Home/Family Life:
*Wife- Lady (Lady B.) Capelle
*Daughter- Romiette (Romi) Capelle
*Job- T.V. Newscaster for channel 6
*Lives close to the London Woods Physical Description:
*Good Looking
*Soft Brown Skin
*Dark Brown Hair
*Light Brown Eyes
Relationships Cornelle Has:
*Lady Capelle- Married. Strong,Loving, Caring
*Romiette Capelle- Daughter. Strong, Loving, Caring, Protective
*Luis Montague- Friends Events Involving Cornelle Capelle:
*6:00 Evening Newscast- Cornelle and Nannette talk about how they don't have to worry about gangs in Cincinnati, unlike other cities (Chapter 36)
*6:00 Evening Newscast- Cornelle and Nannette talk about how theres no gang problems in their school's (Chapter 40)
*Cornelle and Lady realize Romi is missing and call the police (Chapter 41)
*Cornelle and Lady got to the police station where they learn Julio is missing also. They meet the Montague's. (Chapter 43)
*11:00 Evening Newscast- Cornelle goes on air and ask if you have any information on the missing tens to call the station. (Chapter 44)
*Cornelle and Luis go looking for Romi and Julio together. (Chapter 55)
*Cornelle and Luis talk and become friends while searching for the teens, and then they find Romiette and Julio. (Chapter 58)
*Cornelle and Lady go to the hospital with Romi after she ws found. (Chapter 60)
*6:00 Evening Newscast- Cornelle goes on air with his family and the Montague's. They discuss what 'The Family' did to Romiette and Julio, and they thank everyone who came out and helped look for them. (Chapter 61)
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