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Lion King Cell Analogy

No description

Bethan Wilson

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Lion King Cell Analogy

Lion King Cell Analogy


Mufasa keeps the flow going in the pride lands, he controls what happens and regulates the actions of the group just as the nucleus regulates the actions of the cell.
Like the mitochondrion Rafiki
creates a source of energy
although it may be spiritual.
He provides the spark needed
to make things happen and
is the base of life.
Endoplasmic Reticulum

Just as the endoplasmic reticulum
Simba has two separate duties.
Rough endoplasmic reticulum

When Simba returns from living
with Timone and Pumba he must
rebuild the relationships and trust
with the pride. Then must build the
fundamental “proteins” required to
have a stable environment to live in
thus rebuilding pride rock and the
society sustained in the pride lands
by his late father.

Cell Membrane
The pride only allows certain people into the pride lands and doesn't let vital things out. They protect the inside of the pride lands from shadow lands. Just like the cell membrane only allows useful resources to enter and keeps everything inside away from the harsh environment.
Inhabitants of Pride Lands
Golgi Body
Just like the cytoplasm, Zazu keeps everything inside the cell, He delivers messages just as the cytoplasm delivers vesicles and other particles to the organelles of the cell. To help the “Pride” and the cell function effectively

Pride Lands
Cell Wall
Cave in Pride Rock
Timone and Pumba

The Inhabitants of the pride lands experience information first hand and in that way then go and tell Simba and the pride. Both the Golgi Body and the inhabitants of the pride land send information and packages to the endoplasmic reticulum. also support the ecosystem, are necessary.

Pumba and Timone give energy to everything. As the chloroplasts provide energy for things to function, Timone and Pumba create energy in the way of humour and laughter. Making everybody happier and content lifting their spirits. Without them the pride would not be able to function.

The edge of the Pride Lands is much like the cell wall. It is the boundaries of the land just as the the cell wall is the boundary in a plant cell, everything outside is foreign off limits. The edge of the Pride Lands is the edge of the territory in the Lion King as The cell Wall is the edge of the cell. Only certain things can come in and out.

The Vacuole much like the cave in Pride Rock stores everything important for the survival of the Pride and in the case of the vacuole, the cell.

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Smooth endoplasmic reticulum

Simba restores hope and resources into the pride lands. He makes available what they lacked and what they need to survive
Bethan Wilson, Katie Allan, Luke McDougall
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