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Singapore English as an ELF: Producing a SgE Computer Assisted Language Learning Software

A presentation on a new computer-assisted pronunciation software focused on the Singapore market, with an explanation of this software's effect on the status of Singapore English as a lingua franca.

Christina Castelli

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of Singapore English as an ELF: Producing a SgE Computer Assisted Language Learning Software

Singapore English as an ELF Nationally Internationally What is Singapore English? SgE as a lingua franca: 50 years ago, as many as 53 languages
were spoken in Singapore English is the language of
government and education Many Singaporeans speak a "mother tongue" at home, such as: Hokkien Tamil Malay Mandarin Cantonese while using English at work and at school English is already a de facto lingua franca in Asia, due to: Legacy of British colonialism Recent American cultural
and economic dominance Singapore is the only Southeast Asian country
where many citizens speak English natively. Has influences from languages in several different Asian language families Excludes many English sounds that are difficult for many speakers to pronounce, and also unnecessary from a communicative standpoint. Uniquely Asian Not representative of any single ethnicity or religion /ð/ and /th/ syllable final /r/ and /l/ syllable final plosives in consonant clusters Intelligibility vs communicative competence The Program Implementation Design CALL's Effect on SgE as an ELF Producing an SgE Language Learning Software
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