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School SW session 2 Fall 2016

No description

Robin Acconi

on 10 September 2016

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Transcript of School SW session 2 Fall 2016

Classroom Charter

From RULER approach-
Marc Brackett- Yale University

The School as Part of an Ecological System- schools have the potential to shape and are also subject to the influence of the system
Apply the Model:
From Poll everywhere:
Tier 1 (whole school prevention) only
Tier 2 only & Mesosystem
Tier 3 (micro) only
Exosystem only
Macrosystem only
Constraints of a Particular Model?


What is the best plan?
Tier 1-General Education (Prevention- whole school)
Tier 2- Early Intervention (more intensive)
Tier 3- Intensive Intervention (Clinical Model )
Icebreaker Activity
-Interactions between individuals ;peer group; family
- relationships between microsystems; peer groups interaction; classroom interactions
-External to the school; Community organizations; school boards
- Broad cultural systems that involve beliefs; customs; pattern of behavior; National culture- individual over society
Create a Visual Model; Representation of Interventions-

Where do the models we discussed fit alongside the RTI triangle?
History of School Social Work

Group 1-Jane Culbert & From Environment to "Maladjusted"
Group2- Grace Marcus & Florence Poole
Group 3- Alderson
Group 4- Costin
Group 5- Changes in Field of Education

One way that you wish the adults in your school would have helped you.

poll everywhere

Article Discussion
David Case Study

Kayley, age seven, has been coming to school appearing somewhat disheveled. She mentioned to her teacher how hungry she felt. At lunchtime it was discovered that she had taken food from another child’s lunch. Kayley has generally been a good student, but the teacher was concerned and consulted with the school social worker. The school social
worker met with Kayley and found that her father had been laid off, and the family was now living in their car. Kayley, the oldest, has two younger siblings, Kari and Kevin. Kayley mentioned that some of the other children in the school had also talked about their parents losing their jobs when a local plant shut down. The school has no facilities for breakfast or other services.

Ethics in School SW-
Google Classroom. Summarize:
Summer- 1 &2
Fall- 3 &4
Spring- 5 & 6
Winter- Ethics and the law & issues in record keeping
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