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Industrial Training final report

No description

bukhari anton

on 9 November 2014

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Transcript of Industrial Training final report

Objective of The Report and Industrial Training

Experiences Gained
For 16 weeks of industrial training, i have learned all types of accounting process from recording the payment voucher, debit credit accounts, ledger accounts, trial balance, balance sheet, profit and losses accounts, cash flow statement, taxation and auditing and I get the chances to apply the knowledge
Industrial Training final report
a summary of industrial training for students about the ability a students during in a workplace. Besides that, report also is to be an evidence for students that she or he really done the industrial training and have getting some experience and gained new or more knowledge in accounting during the industrial training period.
is to experience and understand real life situations in industrial organizations and their related environments and accelerating the learning process of how student’s knowledge could be used in a realistic
established on 13th March 2008 in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia.
named based on the three directors who have established the company. The word ‘TRAS’ stand for Tengku Roslizam bin Tengku Zainal Abidin (TR), Ahmad Shahrir bin Mazlan (A) and Sharapiah binti Mohamed Zaki (S) and words ‘CORPORATE’ stand for the services performed and provided by the company that involving in secretarial and corporate services.
the authorized capital of the company is RM100,000 divided into 100,000 ordinary shares of RM1 each. The total issued capital of the company now stands at 3 shares of RM1 each
Details of
activities undertaken
As the secretarial consultants, management and services which is to carry on business and activities of management consultants and to render management, industrial, commercial financial, secretarial, public relations, industrial relations and other related services to any person, firms or corporation engaged in any business, trade or activities on in connection therewith.
According to the Industrial Training Logbook, I have done three (3) company's account which is Sri Sai Construction, Jalur Logistic, and Hasrat Intan Sdn. Bhd
Tax Computation
After the accounting process is done, I have to do tax computation for each of the three (3) company
Audit Filing
According to the Industrial Training Logbook, I have done 96 Permanent Audit File (PAF) and Current Audit File (CAF) in total which is involving the secretarial services
After the accounting and taxation has been done, I have to do E-Filing which is type of form that must be submitted to the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM)
Accounting Experiences
Overview of the training
These are the types of accounting that I have done on the training period ;
Audit Filing
Besides accounting, I also have learned the process of audit filing. There two (2) types of audit files which is Permanent Audit File (PAF) and Current Audit File (CAF).
PAF contains report and financial statements, directors report, statutory declaration of directors form, independent auditor report, balance sheet, income statement etc. CAF contains financial statements, audit completion, planning, tests of controls etc.
These are the example(s) of PAF and CAF ;
Permanent Audit File (PAF)
Current Audit File (CAF)
Bad fever, bloody cough caused by the haze in Kuantan
After 13 weeks of industrial training, I have some health and environment issues. On 16th September, I got a bad fever and unable to attend to work. I decided to see the doctor and have my emergency leave for the first time.
After I have finished my medicine, my fever doesn't cure yet. I decided to see the doctor again and have a medical checkout on 22nd September. The doctor spotted the illness problem came from my blood that it infected by bacteria caused by polluted environment. The environment was contaminated by the haze in Kuantan city.
The doctor gave me some supplement to cure my blood and suggest me to wear a face mask for extra protection.
In my conclusion the industrial training are provided as early exposure for student to the real working environment.
Student can apply and relate the knowledge of learning theory at the college.
Student can be more creative in solving problems with the tasks given
Student can increase the level of student in communicate with the surrounding community
Industrial training increases the level of confidence for student and learn how to work as a team mates
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