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Career Path

My competencies that reflect my career goals.

John Ricks

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Career Path

Work Culture Preferences My Competencies Reflection of work culture preferences? How to improve on my weaker areas and strengthen my core areas: My Results: Strengths: Competencies that intersect with my career. Competencies: Important to my future career goals: Job Market Research: My preferred Career Path Research: Strengths: Secure and stable environment
Career Advancement
Considerate Management
Comfortable well designed work place
Likelihood of rapid promotion Strategizing
Adapting to change
Following Instructions Reveals my behaviors,skills and abilities
Knowledge of my strengths
Career resources
My career plan University Library Resources: BLS.Gov: Software Developer/Engineer salaries ranging from $71,320-$111,680
82% require a bachelors degree Company Search Results:
National Instruments Corporation (Austin,TX)
Rackspace (San Antonio,TX)
Prism Data Systems Inc. (San Antonio,TX) Job outlook for 2010-2020:
30%(much faster then average)
Median pay $43.25 hr/$93k annual
Number of jobs 913,100 Gain experience through an Internship
Create a Portfolio (examples of work) Weaknesses: Strengthen Interview skills
Stop over analyzing
Don't take on too much
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