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Business Plan

No description

Moaaz Latif

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of Business Plan

Mango Lovers. Team Members Shaheer Rizvi Umer Saleem Uzair Masood Missing out an opportunity The production of mangoes in Pakistan is approx. 1.719 millions tons
96,000 tons Mango Kernel Oil
19.2 billion rupees Usage of Product Cosmetics
Pharmaceutical Marketing Analysis Confectionery production growth rate during 2005 to 2009 was 11% in the world market while in Pakistan is 7.5%
growth rate is 7%
Pharmaceutical: currently this industory with the pace of 5.7% Currently pakistan purchasing cocoa butter at $6/liter from world market In 2008, the import of cocoa butter 930.80 million rupees
In 2009, the import was increased to 1674.50 million rupees About 7% to 12% oil can be extracted from the seed In 19 countries, almost 90 companies are extracting mango kernel oil and earning millions of dollors. Pakistan is the 5th largest producer in the world producing best mangoes in taste Cocoa Butter is being imported to fullfill demand of these industories
Mango butter is a perfect subtitute with less price without any side effects Products Soap Creams Lotion Shampoos Chocolates Candies Cakes Gums Hair loss Diarrhoea Female disorders Skin discoloration Drying Decorticating Hammering Separating Rolling Boiling Oil extracting Production Process Why you should have to invest in this business? First mover advantage
Raw material avalibility
Economical than Cocoa butter
Cheaper labour
Increasing demand
High return on investment ? ______ "To be a champ you have to believe in yourself when no one else will" Mission Statement:
The purpose of mango lover is to provide kernel oil to the industrialists, population at large and supply it to international markets with first rated mango butter use in Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical and Food Industry.
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