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Coldplay by Claire

music appreciation summer project

Claire Sears

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Coldplay by Claire

Coldplay est. 1996 The beginning... Formed while attending University College London
The name Coldplay was suggested by a friend who was already using the name
In 1998 they released the Safety EP and then signed to Fierce Panda
Under Fierce Panda The boys released the Brothers & Sisters EP
After graduation they signed to the major label Parlophone After the release of the Blue Room EP, Will Champion was briefly fired from the band. Martin felt guilty and begged him to come back.
Later the band decided to fire any member that became addicted to hard drugs. Some Simple Rules In the Band Chris Martin- vocals and piano Jonny Buckland- lead guitar Guy Berryman- bass Will Champion- drums Coldplay decided to run their band as a democracy and divvy up their profits
Berryman, Champion, and Buckland all receive 20% while Martin receives 40% Parachutes was released on July 10, 2000
It debuted at number one on the UK Album Charts
In the United States Parachutes eventually reached Double-Platinum status
Parachutes earned Best Alternative Album at the 2002 Grammy Awards Parachutes The success of Parachutes led to the band's eagerness to record a second album A Rush of Blood to the Head They began recording in London, but became too distracted and finished recording in Liverpool The band soon became obsessed with recording "In My Place", and the song inspired them to keep recording. Both "Clocks" and "The Scientist" were successful singles from their sophomore effort. A Rush of Blood to the Head earned Coldplay their second Best Alternative Album Grammy at the 2003 Grammy's
"Clocks" earned Record of the Year in 2004 A Rush of Blood to the Head was released in August 2002. Coldplay spent 2004 out of the spotlight and focused in recording their latest album X & Y
Album was released in the middle of the year and became an instant success.
Hit the number one spot in 20 Countries
Top singles included: "Speed of Sound" "Talk" "Hardest Part" "White Shadows" and "Fix You" X&Y Began recording in 2006 but due to extensive touring it was not released until 2008
This album was a turning point in their career, its sound is incredibly different from past albums
Upon its release, it became the best selling album in the world in 2008
The Title Track "Viva la Vida" landed Coldplay's first number one on the Billboard Hot 100.
The song also earned three Grammy Awards for Best Rock Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Vocal Performance from a Duo or Group.
Success of album led to more extensive touring Viva la Vida or Death and All his Friends Shortly after the release of Viva la Vida an EP titled Prospekt's March was released
Featured new songs and different studio recordings
During the Viva la Vida Tour recording various live songs and gave out the CD for free Prospekt's March & LeftRightLeftRightLeft On 3 June 2011 Coldplay released "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall" as their first single off the upcoming 5th album
Soon after the band began playing several new songs at live shows
Announced that Mylo Xyloto was going to be released 24 October 2011
Instantly topped the charts in 34 countries
Earned 3 Grammy Nominations Mylo Xyloto Coldplay is know for their incredible live shows filled with confetti and awesomeness Live Shows and Other Comparisons They have often been compared to U2 because of their similar styles Headlined numerous tours and festivals Music has been featured in several commercials and movies Coldplay gives 10% of all the band's profits to charity supporting: Amnesty International, Kids Company, Make Trade Fair, Make Poverty History, and the 2010 Haiti Earthquake
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