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SORM Interactive Org Chart

No description


on 12 April 2017

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Transcript of SORM Interactive Org Chart

Board of Directors
Agency Governance and Oversight; Internal Audit.
Executive Director
Deputy Executive Director
Executive Assistant
Legal Services
Strategic Programs
Internal Operations
Litigation Management
Special Investigations
Compliance and Practices
Communications and Development
Claims Operations
Risk Management
Document Processing
Accounting and Finance
Information Technology
Human Resources
Internal Audit
Risk Manager for the State of Texas.
Agency Leadership; Management; Policy.
Strategic Initiatives; Operational Management; Policy Implementation.
Board, ED, and DED support; Office Management; Records Retention.
All agency legal support, three components: Litigation; Fraud and Recovery; Compliance and Practices.
Strategic mission critical services, four components: Communications & Development, Claims Operations, Risk Management, and Document Processing.
All agency support functions, three components: Accounting, Human Resources, and Information Resources.
Government and public relations; internal and external training; branding and continuity of agency communications; web content; forms and reports; media and materials to support the agency’s mission critical functions.
Daily operation of the statutory State Employee's Workers’ Compensation program and all aspects of claims administration.

Consulting with assigned entities; conducting RMPRs/OSCs; writing reports and recommendations; death investigations; maintenance and revision of the RMTSA Guidelines; Continuity of Operations Planning; Bonds and Insurance Services.
Incoming mail processing; scanning and indexing; clean bill review; VIN/TIN setup; Reception.
OAG coordination; administrative hearings; decision and appeal reviews.

Subrogation; SIF reimbursement; medical recovery and reimbursement; fraud investigations; prosecution and restitution.
Legal research and counsel; legislation; rules; open records; contracts.

Indemnity Quality Assurance;
audit and complaint coordination and response; internal claims coordination.

Medical Quality Assurance:
vendor service oversight; internal support; post-audit; in-house payment review.
Budget; reconciliation; accounts payable and receivable; billing; assessment IACs; invoice review; purchasing; and employee reimbursements.

Information safety; penetration/security testing coordination; hardware maintenance; software maintenance; programming.

Staffing; leave tracking; travel requests; personnel records; unemployment; FMLA/ADA/EAP oversight; out-processing.
Lloyd M. Garland, M.D. - Board Chair
Rosemary Gammon
Tomas Gonzalez
John Youngblood, J.D.
Gerald Ladner, Sr.
Stephen Vollbrecht, J.D.
Executive Director
L. Todd Holt
Deputy Executive Director
Audrea Blake
Executive Assistant

Chief of Strategic Programs

John Ary, Media Specialist
Neil Cook, Media Specialist
Michelle Hammett, Training Coordinator/Training Consultant
Paul Harris, Governmental Liaison
Tawn Ihnen, Industry Trainer
Kristoffer Janssen, Training Consultant
Mara Kelly, Webmaster/EIR Accessibility Coordinator
Sam Stone, Training Consultant
Lydia Scranton,
Director of Claims Operations
Unit One:

Rachel Martinez, Supervisor
Nancy Pickett, Senior Adjuster
Linda Adams, Senior Adjuster
Geneva Lira, Senior Adjuster
Chris Scroger, Adjuster
Herbert Martinez, Adjuster
Robin Townsend, Senior Adjuster
Leonor Matano, Senior Adjuster
Diane Simer, Nurse
Unit Two:

Mitchell Griffin, Supervisor
Martin Hockett, Team Lead
Beckie Zientara, Senior Adjuster
Karen Thompson, Senior Adjuster
Brooke Hamilton, Adjuster
Angela Lopez, Adjuster
Maureen Clement, Statewide Continuity Planner/Consultant
Frank Marcopolos, Senior Risk Manager
Scott Olson, Risk Manager
Christine Wright-Guisinger, Risk Manager
Erika Gutierrez, Risk Manager
Caleb Walker, Risk Manager
Iris Moore, Senior Insurance Manager
Jacqueline Baynard, Insurance Manager
Allyson Santos, Insurance Manager
Rachel Davis, Insurance Manager

Mike Baynard, Documentation Specialist
Rosalina Casso-O'Hara, Documentation Specialist
Amada Dotson, Documentation Specialist
Alicia Gonzales, Documentation Specialist
Mary Ann Gonzales, Documentation Specialist
Mechelle Lee, Documentation Specialist
Julia Lopez, Documentation Specialist
Julie Milligan, Documentation Specialist
Patricia Prentice, Documentation Specialist
Monica Ramos, Documentation Specialist
Patricia Sahley, Documentation Specialist
Sylvia Ward, Documentation Specialist
Deea Western
Chief of Legal Services
and General Counsel

Karen Klaus, Executive Assistant
J. Red Tripp,
Litigation Manager and
Deputy General Counsel

April Foradory, Legal Assistant
Emily Busby, Legal Assistant
Jill Guenther, Dispute Specialist
Craig Pollman, Dispute Specialist
Mark Edson, Subrogation Specialist
Marisela Herrera, Subrogation Assistant
Janine Lyckman, Medical Recovery Specialist
Gary Ingram, Investigator
Adam Huwyler, Investigator
Keith Martin, Senior Attorney
Emily Busby, Legal Assistant
Stuart (Brad) B. Cargile
Chief of Internal Operations and Chief Financial Officer

Cherie Swearengin, Executive Assistant
Darwin Hamilton, Senior Accountant
Belinda Foster Hood, Senior Accountant
Marie Cervantes, Accounting Technician
Dawn Franklin, Accountant
Lauren Henry, Accounting Technician
Kristin Johnson, Accounting Technician
John Alexander, Senior Programmer
Michael Littlejohn, Programmer
Dingmin Min, Programmer
Shree Naragaj, Programmer
Steven Torres, Programmer
Leonel Ramirez, Systems Analsyt
Lori Shaw, Systems Analyst
Will Boiney, Systems Support
Jennifer Whitwell, Systems Support
Linda Griffin
Director of Human Resources
Contracted Services. Required Annual Reports; Audit Reporting to the Board of Directors; Coordination with Agency Audit Liaison.
Michelle Ganaden (formerly Tooley),
Director of Risk Management
Chief Risk Officer
Sally Molina,
Director of Document Processing
Shelby Hyman,
Director of Communications and Development
Director of Accounting and Finance
Unit Three:

Jessica Stone, Supervisor
Amy Thomas, Team Lead
Isabel Garcia, Senior Adjuster
Courtney Williams, Adjuster
Karla Free, Adjuster

Amber Winsborough, Senior Adjuster
Angelica Maldonado-DeLeon, Adjuster
Heather Maxim, Adjuster
Christina Sanchez, Adjuster
Dana Jackson, Assistant
Alicia Faulstich, Assistant
Alyssa Arrington, Assistant
Indemnity Quality Assurance
Tshau L. Todman, Supervisor

Carl Janecka, QA Specialist
Alice Jiminez, QA Specialist
Edward Madkins, QA Specialist
Teresa Peterson, QA Specialist
Irene Villela, QA Specialist
Medical Quality Assurance
Johnny Free, Supervisor

Rodney Henry, QA Specialist
Jenna Ihrer, QA Specialist
Patricia Martinez, QA Specialist
Shannon O'Brien, QA Specialist
Lee Ann Petrick, QA Specialist
Alan Ryman,
Director of Compliance and Practices
Ann Hallam,
Director of Information Technology
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