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orckid elhagan

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of England


king Henry II(1154-1189)
He was known as Henry curt mental fitz empre. He became involved by age of fourteen. He controlled France, England , Wales, Scotland and Ireland. He did significant legal changes in England and Normand.
king RichardI(1189-1199)
He was known as Richard coerde lion . Normally, Richard the lion heart. He was the third of five sons of king Henry II. When he was sixteen years old Richard lion heart had taken command of his own army. Richard was cenral christan during the third cursade.
king John (1199-1216)
king Richard II (1367-1400)
He was the son of Edward Black Prince. He was born during the region of his grandfather Edward III.
Richard was the younger brother of Edward of Angouleme.
Famous kings in medieval times

The medieval time is one of the most exciting periods in the history of England and Europe.

The English Medieval kings cover the periods between 1066- 1485.
He was known as John lackland. He was the youngest of five sons of king Henry II.
John lost the duchy of Normandy to king Philip II of France.
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