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Marketing 101 Dept. Update

No description

Nicole Raymondi

on 4 November 2011

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Transcript of Marketing 101 Dept. Update

SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Metrics Marketing Departmental Update 2012 Bullseye Consitent email campaigns
Efficient Lead Nurturing
Sales Prospecting Process
Gene better positioned as Thought leader in the HR industry
Better use of Salesforce by sales team, CS, Executives
GenieTime strategic marketing plan
Better SEO strategy
More content production
Strategic Benefit Integration Campaign (e-book behind)
PR Campaign Created
Brand Image
Sales & Marketing Metrics

$ 4th Quarter Initiatives Social Media Stragies implimented (facebook, twitter, LinkedIn)
SHRM National Tradeshow (high end collateral, high booth traffic, large amount of email addresses, high cocktail party attendance, brand recognition)
Salesforce CRM Implementation & training
GenieTime.com Site Completion, Portal, & Marketing Video
Constitent Blogging
Content Production (whitepapers, editorials in major magazines)
Consitent BalanceHealth, BalanceWorks, and ITB Newsletters
Internal Branding (blueprint, dept. overviews, signage, consitent look & message)
Marketing Monthly metrics tracked and utilized (Hubspot platform)
Gene as thought leader campaign rolling (speaking opps., articles, videos, ebook content)
Material revamped (member guides, capabilites books, business cards, sell sheets, posters & flyers)
Account Material Management (PIAI, Cornell, Ithaca College)
Prospecting Material & Presentations (Walmart, UNC, Direct Access)

2012 Strategic Plan & Budget
eniweb production begun
Viral Videos Completed
eBook Chapter 1 Completed & Released
GenieTime Operational & Marketing Strategic Plan
Highly Optimized Website Content
Social Media
Capabilities Demonstration
Thought Leadership
Inbound Lead Generation See Weaknesses
Reaccess SHRM National Tradeshow (private conference, luncheon, additional employee, marketing outsourcing, etc.)
Website Revamp (SEO, content, functionality, lead generation, lead capturing, capabilites display, interaction)
Social Media (LinkedIn groups, Twitter following increased, facebook as internal Best Companies tool, YouTube)
Viral Videos (Benefit Integration, testimonials, capabilites presentations)
Webex strategy (lead generation, thought leader promotion)
Benefit Integration Trend
Expand to mobile & digital advertising

Number 1 Objective:
Generate $200 Million Inbound Leads

 Top 5 Objectives:
Increase Inbound Leads by 70%
Increase Website Traffic by 35%
Increase Brand Awareness by 50%
Position Gene as Benefit Integration Thought Leader in HR Industry
Increase Lead Conversion by 25% Time & Money
Competition's brand name & size (economies of scale)C
Changing HR industry (technology, communications, resources)
Benefit integration trending (example ACI's Fusion) Position Gene as Benefit Integration Thought Leader in HR Industry Increase Lead Conversion by 25% Increase Inbound Leads by 70% Increase Website Traffic by 35% Increase Brand Awareness by 50% 43% Increase 2010 - 8,262 total
2011 - 14,308 total
Difference = 6,046 Corporate Wellness Conference Panel Leader
EBN Integrated Benefits article
Connex Chronicle Article
Submission to multiple speaking opportunities at national HR conferences - WorldatWork 2011 & 2012, EASNA, SHRM 2012
World Congress Speaker in Feb.
Social Media (Twitter, LinkedIn)
Video development SHRM record high attendance
Editorial Publication Views
Website Visitor Percentage Increase
Blog traffic
Social Media (twitter, facebook, LinkedIn)
Leads 18%
Opportunities 7%
Customers 12% Remote Working Environment External Internal outbound marketing vs inbound marketing telemarketing
trade shows
direct mail
email blasts
print ads
TV/Radio ads SEO
Social Media
Content Downloads (ie whitepaper, travel guide, free trial)
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