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Advanced Latin

Short Story Analysis

Luqman Sheikh Ghazali

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Advanced Latin

Six Helium Balloons
- 'High' from Love
(Page 42) Basket of Flowers
- Growing affection (page 42) Presented by
Charles, Faizah Faqihin, Ikhwan, Iman and Luqman [THEME] Pride Relationships - [CHARACTERS] - - [SETTING] - - [TONE] - - [POINT OF VIEW] - - [SYMBOLISM] - Student - Instructor Parent - Child Friends Friends with Benefits - [PLOT] - Business Luke - Passionate
in Dancing - Dedicated - Determined - Responsible Cindy - Divorced - Petty - Rich - Vengeful - Proud Pauline Johnny - Personal Relationship with Luke - Luke's Accountant - Loyal WAYS OF PLOT DEVELOPMENT Chronological - Luke meets his students after a rumour starts spreading (Page 46-50) Retrospective - Luke's mother died (Page 43) Summary - Dance competition in Denver (Page 40) Dramatic - She was smiling and twinkling (Page 44) EXPOSITION RISING ACTION CLIMAX FALLING ACTION RESOLUTION Cindy starts
taking lessons Cindy improves Cindy goes for
competition in Denver "I let you down". ...
"I want you to care" Cindy leaves Luke puts his head down on his knees Cindy sends balloons, flowers and cards It was against the rules,
but she would not listen Luke talks to Cindy again to stop her.
She still would not listen. Rumours start spreading that
Luke has a cocaine addiction Luke knew it was Cindy.
Lucille indirectly confirms it. Pauline coaxes Luke to
stop the rumours Luke meets up
with his students.
He tells them to stop
spreading the rumours. Cindy continues for
a few more classes. Luke pays Cindy for her
leftover classes.
He asks her to leave. PLACE TIME Denver - Luke's old studio where the competition
was held Santa Fe - Luke's current studio where he teaches
his students Luke's home - Luke reminisces what his father
told him Era - Around the 80s by Iman by Charles by Luqman by Ikhwan by Faizah by Faizah by Faqihin NOSTALGIC SAD CONTROLLED LOVE Limited Omniscient Third
Person Luke Turquoise-blue Dress
- Submission (page 40) by
Sallie Bingham END! Antagonist Protagonist Dynamic Character Dynamic Character Flat Character Flat Character ADVANCED
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