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Pinterest for Business (Social Commerce)

Presentation for Social Commerce Exchange

Paul Wilson

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Pinterest for Business (Social Commerce)

Getting the Most out of Pinterest Pinterest Tools Why You Should Use Getting to the Top of Pinterest Pinterest's Popularity Algorithm When to Pin Network Quality Janet Thaeler (janet@PinnableBusiness.com) Presentation by Paul Wilson (paul@PinnableBusiness.com) Beginner Steps: Optimizing your Profile Optimizing your pins Username & Profile Pic Detailed Profile Description , GrouponDotCom SonyElectronics SharpieUncapped techy toys (#1)
ballerina bedroom (#1)
beautiful bags and accessories (#1)
cute wedding photography (#1)
pretty kitchenware (#1)
barbie carousel kitchen (#1)
repurposed clothing (#1) The Importance of Keyword Research pretty dresses
74,000 searches
rank #4 cute baby stuff
2,400 searches
rank #1 diy candles
5,400 searches
rank #3 Other Keyword Rankings Optimizing Your Boards KodakCB The UnPins of Pinterest UnPin: Blatant Advertising UnPin: Craigslist UnPin: Used Car Mentality What is Popular Instructographics Made By Mazipan ShowMeGraphic 1,500 RePins
Hundreds of Original Pins
Crashed Site FleeceFun 4,000 RePins
300 Original Pins
Noticable Increase using Skyscaper ShowMe ImPrettyGraphic Unskinnyboppy.blogspot.com 4064 RePins from one Pinner
Significantly Increased her blog readership
Highest Traffic Referrer Pinfographic Followed but not Repinned as Often
Length should not be over 5,000 px
Lighter colors, not information dense Quick Tips on Re/Pins Change RePin descriptions Create Pinnable Images
Bad Example: Mashable Use RePins for Branding
Good Example: Southwest Airlines 24 Hour Traffic
10 - 12 seconds on site
30,000 - 50,000 Visitors 3 - 4 Weeks of Traffic
2:30 - 3:00 minutes on site
100,000- 115,000 Visitors Pin it extension Awe.sm/5i7b2 Pin-Alerts.com Pintics.com Pinerly.com PinAQuote.com PinReach.com PinPuff.com ZoomSphere.com url2pin.it Why Why other Companies are using Pinterest Social Engagement Brand Equity Brand Awareness Sales Thought Leadership Pinterest is growing Pinterest is powerful Pinterest is unique http://Pinterest.com/PinterestBiz/ Soft Sell Easy Engagement Strong Demographic Source: Colby Almond Follow us on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/pinterestbiz Join our LinkedIn Group: linkedin.com/groups/Pinterest-Business-4296870 Get Slide Deck at PinnableBusiness.com Additional Reasons Why
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