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A Brother's Murder

No description

arrieonna brown

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of A Brother's Murder

A Brother's Murder
By: Brent Staples

About the Author......
Brent Staples grew up in a rough, industrial city. He left to become a successful journalist, but his younger brother remained. Staples's story of his brother is a reminder of the grim circumstances in which so many young men of the inner city find themselves today.
Authors Purpose....
The author wrote this passage so he can tell his story and express his ideas on the youth. He told his feelings on how he went through this and he didn't agree with the life his brother lived. So I believe he wrote this as encouragement passage so young black males would live a better life.
This story is about how young black men go to war with each other. It talks about how where the author grew up the youth thought that if they murdered someone it made them men. He talked about how he left the public housings and went to college to get an education. The author was brought back to help get his brother out of his lifestyle but his brother didn't leave. His brother was murdered in his car.
Title Significance....
This title gives you an idea of what the passage is about. This authors brother got murdered and in the passage he talks about how he felt about the situation.
Presented by....
Arrieonna Brown &' Lawrence Brown

Discussion Questions...
1. Staples say he was "introduced to mortality" in Chester, Pennsylvania, in 1960. What does this mean?
2.Staples speaks of a dream he has in which he holds a document for his brother to read. What do you suppose the document might say?
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