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Cyber Crime BTA

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on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Cyber Crime BTA

What is Cyber-crime & By: TIRTH SHAH ATIT PATEL and Remember THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME! Personal Experiences: * What is hacking
- During the 1990s, the term "hacker" originally meant a skilled programmer proficient in machine code and computer operating systems
- Unfortunately, some of these hackers also became experts at accessing password-protected computers, files, and networks and came to known as "crackers." Hacking Examples of Cyber-Crime:
- Hacking
- Identity Theft
- Cyber Stalking
- Pedophiles Definition:
crimes committed primarily
through Internet
includes computer-related
crimes, fraud, unauthorized
access with data

In simple words:
criminal activities that use
computers and network Related Stories: • Grouped name AntiSec attacked Apple

• Hacked 12 million Apple IDs

• They published 1 million Ids

• Have access to names, phone numbers and addresses

• These Information were hacked from a FBI computer

• Denmark and New Zealand were attacked

• Hacker have access to UDIDS from iPhone and iPads

the more we rely on technology, the more power hackers will have in the future
their intention will be bad and hackers will have the power (like it or not) to change the world in a negative way Why is it Important? •Only half of the population know what cybercrime is
•Hackers use the internet to gain access to personal information
•4 types of cybercrimes
•Hacking, identity theft, cyber stalking, pedophiles
•Hacker can get your personal information
•Names, Phone numbers, Addresses, credit card numbers etc.
•Hacker sell your personal information online for money
•Earn at least $ 2000 per credit card number
•Hacker take all the money you have
•You are left with nothing
•BE AWARE OF HACKERS Identity Theft: stealing someone's identity, pretending to be someone else
usually this is done because to access resources (Ex. Money) or obtain credit card and other benefits in that person's name
identity theft occurs when someone uses personal identifying information, Social Security Number or credit card information, without the holder's permission Cyber Stalking: Pedophilia: sexually abusing a child by an adult
the word pedophile means "child lover" , 'pedo' meaning child and 'phile' meaning love.
targeting and harming children
wanting to meet, child pornography
this crime can be done via internet What do hackers do?
steal passwords
gain access to networks without permission Advice to being safe: 1. Never ever share personal information
- including birth date, password, SIN
2. Try not to open banking information on public computers
3. Always install Anti-Virus softwares in your computer
4. Choose a strong password... and protect it!
5. Upgrade your knowledge on cyber laws! Bibliography: 1. What is cyber crime? :
-What is cyber crime?. (2010, March 07). Retrieved from http://www.cybercitizenship.org/crime/crime.html
2. Hacking:
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3. Identity Theft:
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4. Cyber Stalking:
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5. Pedophilia:
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6. Related Stories:
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7. Why is it important?:
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9. Advice to being safe:
- 2001 Jefferson Davis Highway, NATIONAL CRIME PREVENTION COUNCIL. Retrieved from www.ncpc.org Statistics : QUIZ TIME!!! 1. What is cyber crime?
2. What are the 4 types of cyber crime?
3. What are the two experiences shared from the presenters? Which one is more serious ( your opinion) ?
4. Which country has the highest number of adults who have been a victim of cyber crime? What is the percentage (%)?
5. What are some of the advices given to protect your self from cyber crime? •Is the use of internet to stalk and harass a person
•May include false accusations, monitoring, making threats etc.
•Cyber stalker may be an online stranger or a person whom the victim knows
•Is a serious offence, falls under anti-stalking laws, slander laws and harassment laws
•Stalkers Motivation: Sexual Harassment, revenge and hate, ego, and obsession for love
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