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The EXPLORER - for Executives

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Transcript of The EXPLORER - for Executives

Key Benefits
Idea in Brief
Highlight another success story for your career by developing your organizational performance.
Get Exposed

to the latest HR Strategic Topics.
with Top Subject Matter Experts & Famous Universities Faculty the latest tips and tricks in the HR field. (International Accredited Executive Bodies or Top Notch Worldwide Universities)
Share with other
high profile HR Executives your experience and what is working for their organizations and what is not.
Network with
Like Minded, High Profile HR Executives from all over the Middle East.
Targeted Attendees Profiles
HR Directors
Senior HR Managers
Don't miss this chance
& Register Now

For More Information and Registration:

As Well as ...
your own Personal Competitiveness through our certified and accredited SHL Development Center.
It is a great opportunity to
Reflect Back
on your busy business life, highlight the needed development points and their priorities.
and focused
on your Leadership Competencies.
Build your own
Personal Development Plan
with the Help and Guidance from our Certified Assessors.
... And taking your own time to relax and take a break from the continuous Business Stress.
The Program Comprises of Pillars:
1- Executive Development Center & Feedback Sessions.
2- Coaching and Personal Development Plan.
3- Networking & Team Building.
4- HR Development Workshops focusing on Latest Topics.
5- Quality Time for Self Reflection & Relaxing.
1- Executive Development Center & Feedback Sessions.
Have the time to focus on your competencies as most executives don't have the opportunity in their busy schedule to assess and develop their own competencies to even sharpen more their competitiveness.
2- Coaching and Personal Development Plan.
3- Networking & Team Building.
4- HR Development Workshops focusing on Latest Topics.
5- Quality Time for Self Reflection & Relaxing.
Big Picture of

Higher Exposure for the Practices in the Region.
Top Qualified Accredited Assessors
Tailored Executive Level Activities
Highly Objective Executive Level Assessment Center
Integrated & Holistic Development Program
An opportunity to get an Expert's Eye Fresh Look on Your Competencies Development Needs,
Get Coached on Sharpening your skills
Set the Development Plan
needed for reaching an even more Comprehensive Set of Leadership Competencies.
Having the Chance to Connect and Expand your
Network to Like Minded TOP EXECUTIVES from All Over the Region
adds more to
YOUR Competitiveness
in the Market now a days & Opens a lot of cooperation Opportunities. THE SKY is THE LIMIT.
Customized HR Executive Development Workshops is what YOU NEED, and this is what WE OFFER.
JOBMASTER's Expertness JOINT with Academics & Faculty from
One of the TOP Universities in the World
is the RIGHT Program to SEEK for YOUR Precious Development TIME.
SELF REFLECTION is a Main Corner Stone on YOUR Personal Development specially for Executives. In this Busy Program we Try Hard to give you some quality time for
Self Reflection and EXPLORING the Corrective Actions Needed for Further Development & Engraving a Successful Career Story in Your Field
. As people normally can excel and show better results and grasp more when they are away from their high business pressure.
Hence the Program's Name is:
We are targeting the titles mentioned above in Large, International & Multinational Companies in the Middle East Region.

Employees Engagement Strategies.
Succession Planning and Talent Management Strategies.
Corporate Governance From HR Perspective.

The program will tackle
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