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American Football in the 1920's

No description

Aaron Wilson

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of American Football in the 1920's

American Football in the 1920's American Football teams in the 1920's 1. Akron Pros
2. Buffalo All-Americans
3. Canton Bulldogs
4. Chicago Tigers
5. Rock Island Independence In 1920, the American Professional Football Association, was founded, in a meeting at a hupmobile car dealership in Canton, Ohio. Jim Thorpe was elected the league’s first president.

After several more meetings, the leagues membership was formalized.

At the time College was the most important form of football until they changed college into pro in the 1920.

But before football was going to be canceled as a result of 33 football players have died. Then President Theodore Roosevelt saved football. As the creator of football Walter Camp had started football. Walter had combined the two games of Rugby and European soccer together. As the result of the game being created 33 players have died. In 1905, President Teddy Roosevelt called upon Harvard, Princeton, and Yale to help save the sport.

Most football historians agree that American football has its origins in English soccer (international football) and rugby. Rugby began in 1823 at the Rugby Boys School in England. But American football is, almost by definition, an American invention. American Football History Football Rules (Then and Now) Jim Thrope American Football in the 1920's By: Aaron Wilson Red Grange George Halas Notre Dame Four Horsemen
1) Don Miller
2)Harry Stuhdreher
3) Jim Crowley
4) Elmer Layden Shoulder Pads Leather Helment Akron Pros Jeresy Shirts Leather Shoes www.google.com
www.football.officiating.com Bibliography Canton Bulldogs Chicago Tigers More on American Football Name: Walter Camp

Born: New Britain, Connecticut

DOB: April 7th, 1859

Died: March 14th, 1925 (age 65)

Heading Coaching record: 79-5-3

Walter Camp was an American football player, coach, and sports writer and known as “Father of American Football”. Camp was one of the most accomplished person in early history of American Football. He played college football for Yale College from 1876-1882.

Also, while he was working as an adviser to the United States military during World War II, he had devised a program to help the servicemen to become more physically fit.

But in 1951 Walter Camp was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame as a Coach. Walter Camp A video from the 1929 football season
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