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Differencs between Cognitivist and Behaviourist learning !

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vjosa thaqi

on 27 June 2016

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Transcript of Differencs between Cognitivist and Behaviourist learning !

Behaviorism is a theory of animal and human learning that only
focuses on objectively observable behaviors and discounts mental
activities. Behavior theorists define learning as nothing more than the acquisition of new behavior.
Behaviourists call this method of learning ‘conditioning’.
Conditioning is identified as a UNIVERSAL learning process.
There are two different types of conditioning:
Classic Conditioning
occurs when a natural reflex responds to a stimulus
Positive Reinforcement
Negative Reinforcement
Negative reinforcement occurs when something already present is removed (taken away) as a result of a behaviour and the behaviour that led to this removal will increase in the future because it created a favourable outcome.
Cognitive theory mainly focuses on how people learn, remember and interact, often with a strong emphasis on mental processes and often with an emphasis on modern technologies
What is Behaviorism ?
Positive and Negative Reinforcement.
What is Cognitivism ?
The differences between Cognitivism and Behaviorism .
Differences between Cognitivist and Behaviorist learning !

operant conditioning

occurs when a response to a stimulus
is reinforced.
Thank you for your attention !
Blinere Zejnullahu
donjeta bilalli
miranda temaj
vjosa Thaqi
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