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No description

cameron wissing

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of tmnt2

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles well basically they are 4 fictional giant turtle who are trained by their anthropomorphic rat sensei to fight crime in the sewers of new york, their arch enemy is shredder. Their diet constists of pizza and sushi. what are the turtles? There are many reasons why this was so popular, reasons including
- the action
-all the comics
-video games
-and halloween costumes
-comedy Why was it so popular? The later teenage mutant ninja turtles was aimed towards children.
Around the mid 80's to 90's TMNT peak popularity started as comic
went into cartoon series
had a live action series for a year
there was some anime
3 movies and a new one coming in 2013
video games so on since there were cartoons
action figures
so on there were alot of spin-offs, some include... The spin-offs the competion of
Teenage mutant ninja turtles. street sharks Turtle power (Cowabunga dude) the turtles downfall
now they never actually left, their just not as popular anymore.
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