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The Notebook Film Poster Analysis

No description

Amelia Bird

on 14 December 2013

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Transcript of The Notebook Film Poster Analysis

The first thing that is noticeable on this poster is the key image. This is because it is framed in the middle of the poster and this is important because it portrays the two stereotypical good looking characters that are famous and will attract the audience. This is backed up by the actor’s names underneath and this is conventional of a film poster.
The main colour used on this film poster is a light blue and white. These colours connote the innocence of the characters which reflects the genre of the poster which is romance. As well as this, the female character is stereotypically vulnerable in romance films so this is also represented through the colour blue.

This could be foreshadowing that something bad is going to happen because she is so vulnerable, this links to the vulnerability of the character.
The most obvious iconography in the film poster is the wedding ring that the female character is wearing. This connotes the romance that is in this film and this is linked the two characters who are about to kiss.

However, in the background there is rain and this is shown through the characters costumes being wet. The rain could connote the tragedy that is going to happen as rain is normally linked with the emotion of sadness.

Tag Line
A catchy tag line is used on the film poster at the top 'Behind Every Great Love is a Great Story'. It is also romantic to reflect the genre and entices the audience because they want to know what this 'Great Story' is.
This poster states that this film is based on the 'Best Selling Novel'. This gives the audience high expectations of the film as they expect it to be as good as the book due to the word 'Best'.
Target Audience
From this film poster I can infer that the target audience for this film is females between the ages of 16 and 30.

This is because the female on the poster is between this age and can therefore the audience may relate to what she is going through. The male is also attractive which can entice the audience.

The poster is also feminine due to the use of colour and the text is thin which makes it more appealing to females.
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