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Kearstin VanDyke

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Teacher

Kearstin VanDyke
Home Economics Teacher
Helen Keller
Born on June 27, 1880 Died on June 01, 1968
She is famous for her numerous achievements as well as being deaf and blind
In her later years she had a teacher named Ann Sullivan
She was inspired by her ans began teaching to other people who need it.
Gene Simmons
The famous Kiss rock star was one an English teacher.
Some things that helped him are his 11th grade english teacher
He was inspired to be a teacher and his former teacher helped him trough the way
(that was until he realized he wanted to be a musician)
Available Jobs
Baking teacher (High School of Middle School level)
I would like to me a baking teacher at a local High School.
Collage Culinary Instructor
This would include me teaching an older age group and teaching a wider variety of food. (back up choice)
English Teacher
This would be my last choice but if all else fails I would be teaching middle school or high school kids on English concepts
Make sure my lesson plans are ready for the next day.
Grade papers
Make recipe cards
Teach a class
Assign homework
Education / Training
I will need to graduate high school then go to a collage that offers culinary training. I will need to major in education and minor in culinary arts. I will later need to become a student teacher and then pursue a job as a teacher.
The staring salary for a high schhol or middle school teacher is between $40,000 and $50,000
The average salary is about $47,000 (After so many years)
Something interesting i found was that no where or when it is there will always be schools therefore there will be available jobs.
One interesting thing is that no matter where or when it is there will always be schools therefore there will always be jobs available.
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