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No description

Brenden Payne

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of FREAK THE MIGHTY

Like Freak says, reading is just a way of listening, but writing is like talking, and that's a whole other ball game. FREAK THE MIGHTY Brenden payne By of Elements Max Kane's body seemed to be growing faster than his mind. Exposition Freaks condition is killing him and Max is the only one that doesn't know Climax Max and Freak are inseparable and don't leave each other's side. Rising Action Falling Action Grim talks some sense into Max and he listens Resolution Plot Max's best friend Freak has a condition where his brain is growing to fast for his body. They go on adventures and hang out. Freak finally dies and Max is crushed. Max finds the dictionary Freak left for him Max doesn't go outside for days and tries to get by in school without Freak Max tries to make some new friends and finishes Freak's dictionary Characters Max Main character Freak Max's best friend Killer Kane Max's dad Grim & Grandma Max's grandparents Tony D. Max and Freak's bully Fair Gwen Freaks Mom Iggy Killer Kane's friend Maxwell Kane is a giant without a brain. He has a brain but doesn't know how to use it. Max lives at his grandparents house in the down-under. He's had a bad reputation from the day he was born since he is a spitting image of his father, Killer Kane, a cold killer. Max lives a somewhat boring life until his long lost friend, Freak, moves in down the street one day. After that Max's life changes. Summary Theme Friends are the key to hapiness. Extremely smart Always carried a dictionary Static/Round character Simile Metaphor I open up the book like she asks, and the pages smell like a ball point pen. Dynamic/Round character Static/Flat character Static/Round characters Static/Round character Static/Flat character Static/Round character Static/Round character . . . Point of View First Person Setting Mainly took place in Max's neighborhood and school.
Took place in summer, fall, and winter Freak Max Thanks for watching,
Brenden Payne
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