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The Crucible: The Cold War & McCarthyism

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Alison Taylor

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Crucible: The Cold War & McCarthyism

The Crucible McCarthyism & the Cold War By Nicole, Kendall, Bridgette, and Alison The Cold War Joe McCarthy What is
to McCarthy's
downfall? JUNE 1953- -His research director J.B. Mathews wrote a controversial article

-It accused Protestant clergy's of being the largest communist supporters in the United States

-Started bringing more controversy on McCarthy's ways October 1953- -McCarthy eventually gave up on the investigation
-Decided to single out Irving Peress, a dentist and promoted Army major, for being unloyal and brought the case up to court -McCarthy tried to target the Army
-Feared disloyalty in some employees even though it was assured they were checked -his unjust accusations
-his lack of proof showing people's support of communism 1954- -The hearings were broadcasted and turned many against McCarthy
Afterward... -McCarthy remained in Senate for two more years
-Was socially rejected and ignored by all of his colleagues as well as President Eisenhower. -McCarthy continued and stuck by his strong anti-communism beliefs even after his government terms Joe McCarty's Aims, Methods, and Victims Aims Methods Victims Joe McCarthy abused his power as a senator and wrote up a list of people he thought were communist then gave the list to the public.
Once their reputation was lost he would hold a hearing to convict them of communism. His victims were all of the people on his list which had about 205 names that were supposedly communists.
79 out of 205 people on the list lost their jobs.
Some of the people on his list were actually spies for the soviet union.
Most of the victims were just liberal democrats that were big in the political world. Joe McCarthy wanted to convict and punish all of the people he thought were communists and to stop the war between communism and the United States.
He was also trying to gain personal power because he was not very well known as a senator of Wisconsin. What was The Cold War? The Cold War was a verbal war between the USSR and the United States during World War II, and continued indefinitely until 1991. - Created both political and military tension

- Was caused by their different views on COMMUNISM (USSR for/USA against) Communism: A type of government that collects then spreads money to the entire population to create equality in hope to become more organized and fair. Early Life Nov. 14, 1908-May 2, 1957 One of 9 children, born and raised on a Wisconsin farm
His parents were devout Roman Catholics
He left school at 14
He eventually went back to High School in 1928, finished his education, and later graduated and became a lawyer. - Josef Stalin was the leader of Soviet Union during the Cold War
- He caused millions of deaths with tactics similar to those used by Hitler
- The U.S cut off aid to the USSR to severe ties Cold War and McCarthyism Definition: McCarthyism is to make accusations of individuals or groups of people being disloyal, without any solid proof or evidence. - The idea of McCarthyism fed to the Cold War by using governmental power to influence the public
- It increased fear in the public, creating more followers and agreement with the idea of McCarthyism. - McCarthyism fed off the already visible fear in the public - Accused innocent people of being USSR spies. In the Crucible, the town of Salem tried to capture all of the witches and stop witchcraft. Joe McCarthy is not very different because he tried to convict all of the communist and put a stop to communism. Arthur Miller realized that the two were very similar. The End of the Cold War - The Cold War began to deteriorate when Reagan was in office
- He provided aid to non-communist countries while the USSR was falling apart.
- The USSR's new leader implemented new political methods to create a more open government
- Within two years, the Berlin Wall came down and the Cold War ended -McCarthyism was named after Joe McCarthy and came about because of his ideas

-The definition of McCarthyism became generalized off of his specific views Berlin Wall: The wall separating West Berlin and East Germany
-It was symbolic of the division between communism and democracy -The Cold War and communism was Joe McCarthy's main concern when McCarthyism was created Political History McCarthy was an original supporter of Franklin Roosevelt's "New Deal".
He switched from the Democratic party and became the Republican Party candidate in an election to become a circuit court judge.
He later resigned as a circuit judge to join the U.S Marines. The Hollywood Ten McCarthy vs. La Follette McCarthy ran against Robert La Follette to become Republican candidate for the senate.
McCarthy attacked La Follette for not enlisting during the war (even though he was too old to join).
He also claimed that La Follette had been guilty of war profiteering.
McCarthy ended up winning the campaign.
La Follette was deeply hurt by the false claims, retired from politics, and later committed suicide. Beginning years of
the Senate.... People were coming forward and claiming that he had lied about his war record.
He was also being investigated for tax offenses and for taking bribes from the Pepsi-Cola Company.
In fear of losing his upcoming election, he got the idea, from a friend, that he should begin a campaign against secret communists working in the Democratic administration. Public Announcement On February 9, 1950, McCarthy announced during a speech that he had a list of 205 communists in the US Department of State. He claimed that these people were passing on information to the Soviet Union. This caused him to become a household name. On February 9, 1950, McCarthy announced during a speech that he had a list of 205 communists in the US Department of State (he later reduced this number to 57). He also claimed that these people were passing on information to the Soviet Union. On February 20, 1950, McCarthy made a six hour speech on the Senate floor supporting the allegations he had made. Instead of calling them communists, he argued that they were all 'loyalty risks'. These accusations had caused a modern day witch hunt with anyone who even talks to a communist was guilty. The Accusations Begin.... It was caused by... AFTER THE WAR -The Army-McCarthy hearing started
-The Army worked on accusing McCarthy of making the Army give favorable treatment to an aide of his Senator of Wisconsin (1947 – 1957)
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