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Higher Composition

No description

Leah O'Neill

on 11 November 2014

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Transcript of Higher Composition

Higher Composition
Theme and Variation

Learning Intentions:

Create a theme and variation composition
Understand the features of a theme and variation composition
Analyse a theme and variation composition
Evaluate you own theme and variation composition
Composition Skills Unit Outcome 1.2
Create an original Theme and Variation composition which features at least 8 concepts (of which at least 6 should be Higher level). Follow the activities to help develop your composition. It is suggested you write three/four parts.
Write a short report on a Theme and Variation of your choice. Your report can be on Word, PowerPoint, Prezi or written. It should discuss the main features of your chosen Theme and Variation and some background information on the composer and piece

Below are some Theme and Variations you could choose.
Remember to email your composition and homework to Miss O'Neill

Composition Skills Unit Outcome 1.1

Watch the following video which describes and explains Theme and Variation.

In your own words give a description/definition of Theme and Variation.

Listen to the following Theme and Variation by Mozart called ‘Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman.’ Comment below on how Mozart has developed each variation.

Serenade No. 10 "Gran Partita" - VI. Theme and Variations
clarinet quintet K. 581 in A major
Success Criteria:

Use Higher concepts appropriately within your composition
change/develop one or two ideas in each variation - don't over complicate it
Listen to your composition on a regular basis
Complete your log book after each period

Listen to the piece again and mark in the score any concepts you can recognise ensuring you also give their meaning (in English).
USM outcome 1.3
Complete Activities 1-10 in your Theme and Variation Higher Composition Booklet.
Enigma Variations, Op. 36
Rococo Variations
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