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Get A Job!

No description

Hannah Earl

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Get A Job!

Get A Job!! Well, I guess my father thinks it is time for a job so, I was wondering what I should do. I mean there are so many to choose from and I don't know where to start. I did take some quizzes and some of my top answers were: Hmmm.... What should I get for a job? Pediatrician Lawyers work in a variety of fields. They work with environmental law, tax law, or criminal law. Lawyers must take up even the smallest cases and be competitive. Lawyers spend most of their time meeting with clients, preparing legal documents and attending trials. Lawyers also spend a lot of their time doing research. They can't just show up to court and wing it. They have to spend days preparing and getting the facts straight. Lawyer By: Hannah Earl Physical Therapist A physical therapist is a type of doctor that helps treat injuries with excersizes and other physical treatments. Each day a physical therapist deals with patients and helps them recover from their injuries. Sometimes they see people daily, sometimes they see people monthly. It depends. Physical Therapist also spend a lot of time researching and almost studying their patients, They have to know what their client needs to do for their injury. They need to know who is coming in that day and what to prepare, when they will need to come in again. There is a lot of pressure on physical therapists, each day they must push their patients (to help them recover fast and also make sure they won't re-injure themselves. Physical Education Teacher A physical education teacher's job is to education children on being healthy and active and helps them progress to be healthier through out their life. Every day they have to plan an activity for each class. Some teachers teach grades k through 8, others teach the middle school only. It seems easy to just say we are going to do this today. Although you have know all the rules, so you can teach them. You also have choose age appropriate games that will involve that class. If you also teach middle school levels, than you will need to do fitness testing as well. Math/Technology Use Pediatricians do use a lot of math. They use math while converting things. Such as inches, feet, pounds. They have to be very comfortable with converting because they use it with their patients every day. They also use math when finding the dosage a child should take for medication. They have to find the right amount based on their patients height and weight. They also have to find body mass index. Meaning; is the child underweight, overweight, or average? Pay In the beginning of your career as a physical education teacher, you make about $35,000 per year. Although after a couple of years you should be earning around $50,000 - $55,000 per year. If you have been working for a school for a large amount of time, you can make up to $84,000 a year. Math/Technology There is a good amount of math involved in becoming a physical education teacher. Not as much as other jobs, but definitely some. On a regular basis, you usually involve math with repetitions. You count how many times you do something or how long you do something. In many games you have time limits (involving math). Also during certain times of the year there is fitness testing. Fitness testing involves a lot of measurements and also timing. They have to time each kid's mile run and the have to measure during sit and reach, so there is a lot of math during that time. Physical education teachers also use math to input grades. You also have to know your schedule. They use math to know how much time they have to do certain things and when to start a new activity. Training/Degree In most states you to complete a degree in health and physical education at a 4 year college or university, to be considered as a physical education teacher. Many schools look into how you lead a groups, they like you to have a lot of experience. Pediatrician Pay A pediatrician makes about $135 thousand per year. Although that will depend on how many days/hours you work and how many patients I see. The least amount of money you could make the first year is about $60 thousand. That is most likely the bare minimum. Although after a couple of years as a pediatrician you could be earning $160-$230 thousand dollars per year. Training/Degree To become a pediatrician you must attend:
4 years of graduate school -bachelors degree
4 years of medical school - MD or DO degree
After that you are a general doctor. Although you will need 3 years of residency training to become a pediatrician. Training/Degree In all states, to become a physical therapist you must have a doctorate or masters degree. You must also have a state license. Althougth most states also require:
20 hours continuing your education a year
Go to a class each week or two weeks
Work under another physical therapist for 3-6 months Pay Th average salary for a physical therapist is about $70,000 per year. Although if you are very experienced you can earn far more. In the beginning of your career you would most likely being making about $55,000 to $65,000 a year. Math/Technology They use a lot of math every day to calculate statistics and predict certain things. They also make a lot of timelines for their patients recovery, which involves some math. Physical Therapist's also have to be able to calculate how much their patient has progressed or digressed. Pay Usually around the start of your teaching career you make $25,000 - $40,000 per year. You also get a bonus each year. Usually your bonuses are $3,500 to $5,000 a year. Training/Degree The training and degree needed for lawyers depends on the state in which you would be working in and the type of lawyer you want to be. Right now I will be telling you the average, they are all pretty relevant. All lawyers need a law degree, and 3 to 4 years in undergraduate school. Most potential lawyers choose to get a political science, criminal justice, a social science major. Getting into law school is also very hard. You have to have a high GPA to become a lawyer. Some universities offer pre-law courses and that is something that is very helpful when attempting to become a lawyer. You also must take a law schools admission test. Most law schools won't even consider you if you don't get higher than a score of 120 on your law school admissions test. After you have fulfilled all the requirements for law school, you will have to take the American Bar Association test to become licensed to practice law. Once receiving your license you will be able to apply to become an official lawyer. Math/Technology Of course as a math teacher, you teach math every day. So there will be a lot of math in your job. You teach math every day. You need to know all kids of math. Such as:
Multiplication and Division
Addition and Subtraction
Much more!
You would also work with math while grading papers. Math/Technology Lawyers use math a lot. They have to calculate a lot of percentages to prove there point in court. Lawyers must be able to calculate percentages and interest in order to understand what is fair and unfair for their client. Lawyers in corporate law have to be able to do that and work with proportions and calculating money. The amount of math involved depends on the type of lawyer you become. All lawyers use math to calculate things for their clients. This may seem not to bad, but think of how many clients they work with. Pay At first lawyers start their pay at almost $55,000 -$75,000 per year. Although throughout their years they could get all the way up to making $160,000 - $170,000 per year. If you are a top notch lawyer and are well respected you 11 million to 40 million dollars per year. Math Teacher A math teacher's job is to educate people on mathematics. They teach in elementary, middle and high school. For right now I will tell you about middle school math teachers. Their goal is to help their students become critical thinkers and gain an understanding of mathematic concepts. They teach a variety of different aged students each day, Training/Degree A lot of math teachers choose to major in mathematics. They do have to complete their teachers master degree though. Usually math teachers have to take a course for the grades they will be teaching. They also have to continuously go to classes to learn more, so that we students, can too. Credits! About.com
My Plans
Bit Strips
Go Animate
Prezi.com A pediatrician deals with both physical and emotional issues. They are a form of doctor and they treat patients from the time they are an infant until they are 21. Pediatricians diagnose and treat infections, injuries, and many types of organic disease. Pediatricians take care of children. This might involve treating an ear infection, talking to parents about school or behavioral problems, or seeing them for child checkups and giving them their shots. Their day-to-day duties will depend on the type of pediatrician they are. Pediatricians have to be very good with computers. They have to enter in the childs records each visit and they have to make sure all the files are saved right. They alco have to know how to use the X-Ray and MRI machines. I met with an actual P.E. Teacher to get some information from a teacher in this state and county. I met with an actual math teacher and interviewed her. This way I would have information on someone who worked in this state and county. Pediatrician
Physical Therapist
Math Teacher
Physical Education Teacher Lawyers pay depends on a lot of things. How many clients they have, the hours they work, how much they charge, where the live and many other things. For now I will just tell you the averages. Physical education teachers use a lot of technology, although it doesn't seem like it. The use calculators and timers with kids to time there heartbeats and calculate how many beats per minute. They also use there computers a lot. They have to plug in numbers for fitness testing, look up new ideas and plug in grades. They also have many other tools to help kids with new activity's each day. Math Teachers use a lot of technology. They use calculators, computers, smart boards, active expressions, graphing calculators and other stiff during class. Although they are on there laptops a lot when they are not teaching a class. They use their laptops to learn new lessons, find fun math websites and grade things on them. Deciding What Job! http://goanimate.com/videos/0-vFyZMFgVWE?utm_source=linkshare Equipment/Setting/Where Pediatricians need lots of tools wile taking care of kids. Some are:
Other smaller tools Equipment/Setting/Where Lawyers don't need much equipment. They only use:
Pen and Paper Equipment/Setting/Where Physical Therapists need a large workspace/area for their clients to recover. They need s lot of equipment to cover everything that every patient will need. Some are:
Large Flat and Open Area
Jump Rope
Excersize Balls
Elastic Bandages
Timer/Stop Watch Equipment/Setting/Where Obviously a gym teacher needs a lot of equipment. There are tons of different things they should be supplied with, but I will just name a few:
Jump Rope
Bow and Arrows
Bowling Pins
Chin Up Bar
Of course there are many other things. These are some of the most popular ones though. Equipment/Setting/Where Math teachers often have a lot of technology and 3-D objects in there rooms. Here are some of them:
Active Expressions
Smart Board
Graphing Calculators
Geometrical Shapes Lawyers can work in many places. They can work in their house. They could work in an office. They also spend a lot of their time in the courtroom. You can be a lawyer in basically any state. Usually there are more big cases and a bigger need of lawyers in big states or cities. New York, California, and other big states would need a lot more lawyers than Vermont and New Hampshire. Pediatricians work in their office. Pediatricians can really work anywhere. All states need children's doctors. Lawyers also use a lot of technology. Mostly computers. The spend half there time researching and preparing before a case. So most all of their technology is their laptops. Physical Therapist work in a large building. They work in their offices and outside their offices helping patients. Physical Therapists work all over the country. Physical education teachers work in Gyms. They work all over the country, anywhere there is a school because schools are required to have to P.E. classes per week. Math teachers work everywhere. If there is a school, there should be a math teacher. Math teachers work in offices.
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