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Horror Genre's Final Girl: An Evolution of Society's Stereotypes of Women

Discussion of how Horror Film's Final Girl Character accurately & historically reflects society's stereotypes of women

Barbi Fauble

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Horror Genre's Final Girl: An Evolution of Society's Stereotypes of Women

Horror Genre's Final Girl:
An Evolution of Society's Stereotypes of Women
By: Barbi Smyser-Fauble 1930's-1960's Final Girls Damsels in Distress Regardless of creator or director intent, the "Final Girl" has become a historic pathway identifying society's backlash towards feminist movements, thus creating a visual record of women's struggle to be seen as equals.
The "Final Girl" has evolved with time, reflecting society's progress, or lack there of, in its view of women 1970's Final Girls: "Good Girls"
No Partying
No Sexual Activity 1930's -1960s
Society Viewpoints 1930's 1970's
Society Viewpoint Final Girl: Laurie Strode Victims 1980's
Society Viewpoint Current (90's - Present)
Society Viewpoints 1980's Final Girl Who are "Final Girls"? 1990's - Current
Final Girls Final Girl
Sally Victim Hybrid "Good Girl"
May be sexaully active
Parties conservatively
Somewhat Masculinized Sexually Active
Androgynous or Masculinized
Somewhat conservative
Fights to be feminine & equal Final Girls & Society:
Haunted by the Past Final Girl:
Alice Fay Wray
King Kong Lisa - Rear Window Barbra - Night of the Living Dead Final Girl: Alice Victims Final Girl:
Ripley A Critic's Rant Final Girl: Nancy
Nightmare on Elm Street 90s -Present Stereotypes 90s-Present Women's Rights
Movements 1908s Women's Rights
Movements 1980s Stereotypes 1970s Women's Rights
Movements 1970s Stereotypes 1930s -60s Women's Rights
Movements 1930s-60s
Stereotypes Final Girl
Sally Final Girl:
Sidney Victim 1940's 1950s 1960's Parody of "Final Girl" & Horror Critics View Sidney: Fighting to be seen as "Equal" Works Cited
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