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The characteristis of living things

No description

emilio rivas

on 23 September 2016

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Transcript of The characteristis of living things

The characteristis of living things

an animal makes reproduces there type.
levels of organization
Our heart helps all our parts work
with out are heart we would not be alive and other parts of are body help are heart and are heart help other parts of are body.
brain make us live
brain tells us to eat and to breathe and more thing to do and think..
Adapt to the environment!
we are made out of cells.
We're all made out of cells and there are different types of cells.
heart makes all the parts in are body work.

cells help are body work work and helps us live.
breeding make more of a animal
if people and animals stop breeding then they will be no more of that animal or people when they all die.
if the heart stop we will stop living that means we will die.
The characteristics of living things

By:Emilio Rivas
if we dont have see we wont see and could die and get hurt.
The picture of what is in the eye
Thanks for watching!!!!!!
Energy plants need to survive like plants need water, air,nutrients,sunlight,carbon dioxide.
Grow and develop
This is a develop of a butterfly that is grow and develop and it is change shape and color and like egg and then to a caterpillar and chrysalis and then butterfly and people grow and mature and grow more wiser.
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